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The Epicurean’s Guide to Nom – バインミー☆サンドイッチ

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waseda chapter.

As the Winter Illumination gets taken down and New Year’s isn’t really “new” anymore, we must announce our defeat…finals week is coming up and it’s time to get back to reality. As much as we dread to face our soon-to-arrive final exams, school has already resumed and our resistance is pretty much futile. But wait, I have a good idea! Why don’t we all accept our fate and do it the Epicurean way by shoving delicious food in our mouths to numb the pain?


What is the Epicurean way anyway?


First things firstan epicurean is a person who takes great pleasure in life through the enjoyment of good food and drinks. The term originates from the Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who believed that the philosophy of life is to pursuit happiness, to indulge in pleasure through the comforts of food and wine, to be surrounded by a camaraderie of love and trust, and to follow the good intentions of the universe. Epicuruss way of living insists that by living life to its full satisfaction, we can ward off our fears and pain through sensual pleasure, and in this case, its to prevent ourselves from stressing about going back to schoolso what do you say, lets nom our pain away on one of my favorite snacks Bánh mì!(pronounciation: bahn mee)


Normally when people think of Vietnamese food, pho is the first thing that comes upBut besides pho, another one of my favorite Vietnamese street food would be the Vietnamese style sandwichBánh mì. If youre a foodie who has a special stomach for sandwiches, it is definitely a must try. A typical bánh mì consists of a warm crispy french baguette along with fillings that includes: your choice of meat, cilantro, chopped carrots, daikon, mayo and a special chili sauce. The baguette provides an asian-western fusion that was introduced to Vietnam during its French colonial period. I know some people arent really adventurous when it comes to food, and would rather go for a ho-hum generic Subway sandwich (no offense, Subway, your sandwiches are alwite,) but please trust me on this, you will thank me once you venture out from their food comfort zone!


This little gem of a sandwich shop is located only 2 minutes away from Takadanobaba station. Do be aware that there is almost always a line of people waiting for their sandwiches, especially around the noon, so speaking from experience, if you are in a hurry, you better plan your time ahead, because I was once late to class due to a ridiculous amount of people ahead of me waiting for their sandwiches. But, if youre picturing a long line like the ones in Omotesando where people zealously wait for that new kakigori place that just opened before the summer, or that type 2 diabetes disguised in the form of chocolate, you shant worry, the wait isnt too bad, the waiting time is normally around 10 minutes (in the hours of serious nomming,) but other than that, its not going to take too long.


The bánh mì sandwiches come in six different flavors: Vietnam Ham & Liver Paste, Roast Chicken, Roast Pork, Roast Beef, Shrimp & Avocado, and (fear not vegetarians we gotchu,) Vegetable & cheese. The sandwiches are pretty reasonably priced, I must say 550 yen for the regular size and 300 yen for the small size. Out of all the ones I have tried (excluding the Vegetable & cheese because Im a carnivore,) Id say that Shrimp & Avocado is my favorite, because the creamy avocado delightfully complements the texture of the baguette, crispy when you sink your teeth in, and then chewy once you get to the core of the bread. The chicken, pork, and beef, however, are amazing too due to the thorough marination of the meat. What I like the most about the bánh mì sandwiches here is that they are freshly made. To be honest, writing about this and imagining the smell of the bread along with the aromatic smell of cilantro makes my mouth water.



The place itself is really tiny, with only space to order from the vending machine. I personally think the vending machine allows the shop to operate systematically and efficiently, since once you order your sandwiches, you then hand your ticket to the lady behind the counter, as she will give you a number tag and then call your number once your food is done. It is not a typical place to sit down and talk while you eat though, since the store is served as a take-out place.  there are only two benches on the outside where people can sit and enjoy their delectable meal.


People who know me will know that I rave about this place a lot! I hope that after reading this review, I will have converted a few of you epicureans out there to try this place out!  Let me know what to think if you happen to try it out.




Address: 169-0075 東京都新宿区 高田馬場4丁目9−18 畔上セブンビル 1F




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