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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waseda chapter.

 While we attend classes and pass endless amounts of deadlines, there’s this question we always have in the back of our minds that we never ask ourselves, “what will all these do to my future?

 While we aim for that A+, write our reports and stress ourselves whether our point is actually coming across to the reader, and stay awake after lunchtime in a boring class, we are constantly bombarded with the question of “what is in store with our future”.

 Whether it’s a subtle question from your friends like “what do you want to do after graduating” or your relatives telling you bluntly that “you should work in _ or be a ____” (fill in the blanks and you’ll know exactly what I mean), there is this constant pressure to achieve something greater beyond the replies we’ve said to back, trying to prove to them that we are on the right path to the concrete plans we’ve made from our choices.  

 I do admire people who’ve decided what they want to be or what they’re going to do in the future, these people who’ve already decided to be doctors with varying specialties, the future engineers who’ve decided to create life improvements, whether it be for present or future use, or the future lawyers fighting for what is right, cheers to you for having the passion to continue.  

But how about us, people who can’t make up their mind yet? What are we destined for when our passion isn’t enough to be classified in a certain profession? What are we really going to do in our future?

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 As the future approaches and the self-imposed deadline we’ve put on ourselves constantly approaches, we stress ourselves more, while we also stress ourselves with real deadlines from our classes. The pressure to do well all adds up to the uncertainty our future holds us, all because we have a passion to do things that are unconventional in the eyes of the society, like creating music or studying liberal studies, or we have a passion for different kind of passions, like media, cultural studies, and statistics, which we cannot choose to major in.  

   To the people who are the same as us, what are we really going to do in the future?  

 As a self-professed person always thinking about the solutions of uncertainty, I also don’t know what to do in the future. However, I do know one thing that can help us with our future. the thing we think we always waste, time.  

 Those self-imposed deadlines, that at by this age I should be in this stage, is the thing that stresses us the most. What if being unconventional and giving it time is the best way to achieve what we truly want in this world?  

 To the people who do what they like, we might not have the decisions and concrete answers our friends and relatives are constantly seeking but remember that we have enough time to find what we want to do with the rest of our lives. All I can say is keep dreaming because we are the dreamers of today, the people who are going to conquer the world with solutions to the uncertainty.

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– E.S.

Eli Signo

Waseda '21

an aspiring writer with plenty of hopes and dreams. the downside is i always type in lowercase because i'm not used to seeing a lot of capital letters in one sentence.