Chester Be, Eternal Shining Star

It’s been 10 full days - true: 10 days of summer holiday, also true: 10 devastating and torturous days. Back on July 20th, shocking news regarding Linkin Park’s main vocalist Chester Bennington passed away penetrated the world and struck not just myself but millions of Linkin Park fans worldwide. While LP fans and Chester’s family are still somewhat reluctant to accept this sudden report, I would like to explain what Chester Be means to me.

Despite being unable to recall the precise time when I became a LP fan, it has been about three years. 20 year old Linkin Park is already a super band around the world, so it is not necessary to describe the band anymore. "In The End", "Numb", "What I’ve Done" , "New Divide" and many more powerful hits drive LP fans through their ups and downs during their life journeys. Their recent song "Battle Symphony" encourages us to strike through the obstacles in life and remain confident. These songs are not just examples of dark rock music; each song is a story and journey about life- Linkin Park’s original hits contain deep meanings, and that’s the reason why there’s such an enormous number of fans in various parts of the world.

Handsome LP 2014 album group picture, Chester being the third man from the left (Photo source)

As soon as the news got released on July 20th, my instant reaction was extreme heartbreaking.Even though the death of Christina Grimmie - a famous YouTuber singer in her young 20s signed by Adam Levine - was already depressing enough for me, this time it struck me quite hard. It is then that realized how much Linkin Park’s music deeply influenced me and is definitely an essential part of my life. That night, I could feel my body and heart falling apart while I wept for nearly an hour straight as LP fans and me personally cannot bear the overwhelming message that a truly powerful, talented musician and vocalist (who is only 41 years old) passed away. Several days have passed and there is no doubt that I still cringe when I talk about Chester. A part of me and my heart will leave an open space for him, as I believe Chester’s spirit and musical talents are still lingering in the air with us Linkin Park fans. Perhaps the best way to pay tribute to him is to continue listening to LP’s classic and new songs while also watching band interviews or his personal interviews. I would like to express my deepest condolences for this unfortunate incident - life is tough, that’s no lie; we still have to live on, that’s also no lie. May you rest peacefully, Chester Be. Us fans and your family will continue to love you until the end of time. Thank you for your contributions in music; you are a true hero and eternal shining star to me.

This article was written by HC Waseda Guest Writer, Angela Chung.