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9 Simple Pleasures

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” – Paulo Coelho

I found that the more happy moments we have in life, the more we tend to overlook the simplest things that satisfy us. The longer we ride the wave of happiness, the higher the standards of what should make us happy. We want things of a greater scale to happen to us. Then, without warning, we have a hard day that can lead to  going through a hard time. This is a period of stagnation for us to be more introspective- a chance for us to accept our fragile nature and to let that pass- by strip down to the bare minimum, and realize that these little things were in fact the big things. Even when it’s looking bad, small pleasures remain. Here are 9, in order of my favourites.

  1. Looking out the window in an airplane

  2. The innocence of a 4 year old

  3. Sad music

  4. Sleeping in on a rainy day

  5. Feeling the crispness of grass with bare feet

  6. When the airline staff tells you that you have the window seat.

  7. Fries and honey mustard

  8. Organizing my iTunes library

  9. Smell of gasoline
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