5 Things You Realise When You Start Living on Your Own

1. The floor doesn’t clean itself.

Call me spoiled but when I was living at home I never had to sweep the floor, and everything was somehow always clean, and somehow that made me think that floors didn’t need to be swept very often at all. So imagine my shock when complaining to my mother on the phone about how much hair I’m constantly finding on my floor, she told me our floors at home were clean because she swept every. single. day. 




2. You will never be able to replicate your mother’s recipes 

Being a student abroad, there are times where I really miss the food from back home, but the food that I miss the most is usually stuff my mum makes and no matter how hard I try, on no occasion does it end up tasting exactly like home. But when asked about her recipe, if your mother is anything like mine, they just tell you to “put everything in a pot and turn the fire on”. 



3. What do all these laundry symbols mean?! 

Why can’t they just print instructions on the label? Why are there so many of them? Why didn’t they teach this in school?! 

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4. So. Many. Things. To. Clean

As if sweeping the floor isn’t enough, there’s hair in the shower and leftover food in the sink and dirt on the balcony and back home you couldn’t even handle cleaning your own room. 



5. How awesome your parents are 

They did all the mundane chores, they cook, they clean, they raise you and save enough money to put you through college and they did all that without complaining- you realise your parents are the epitome of heroes who don’t wear capes and you now have a newfound respect and admiration for them.