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5 Shows You May Have Missed on Netflix

The Dragon Prince


Often compared to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Dragon Prince is an animated series that tells the story of a land where there was once a dragon king. Murdered by humans who practiced dark magic, the dragon king leaves behind a single egg which is supposedly destroyed. Flash forward to the present day where a war between the elves and the humans is imminent-- that is until a young elf assassin, and the two human princes, discover that the egg was not destroyed. The unlikely team set off on a mission to return the egg to the dragons and stop the war, all while learning more about themselves and the importance of friendship. If you're looking for wholesome, magical adventures, this show is perfect for you.



Another animated series, but considering the foul language and gore, I'd say this one is not for the kiddies. Based on the Konami game, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, this TV spin-off tells the dark tale of the feared vampire, Count Vlad Dracula Tepes, who wreaks havoc on humankind after his human wife is burned at the stake for supposed witchcraft. As Dracula's rage sweeps across the land, an exiled monster hunter, magic practicing Speaker, and even Dracula's own dhampir son band together to stop the destruction of humanity. Those looking for a dark but subtly humorous story will find themselves sucked into the world of Castlevania (no pun intended).



A light-hearted, comedy/drama series, Atypical follows the life of Sam Gardner and his dysfunctional but loving family. A high school teen on the autism spectrum, Sam navigates the challenges of high school life, friendship, and love. While the story is mainly about Sam and his journey towards becoming and independent adult, it is also about his family and friends who go through their own ups and downs in life. If you're looking for all the feels, this has got you covered.

Daniel Sloss: Live Shows


This is the only comedy show that left me deeply reflecting about life. On Netflix you can find two of Sloss' stand up shows: 'Dark' and 'Jigsaw' (the latter being my personal favorite). Witty, disarmingly honest, and sometimes darker than expected, Daniel Sloss' comedy special will leave you laughing until you cry and perhaps even contemplating about your  life.

Set It Up


This movie made me yearn for the return of the romcom. Two assistants work tirelessly for their high maintenance bosses, barely having lives of their own. Desperate for a hard earned break, the two devise a plan to act as matchmaker and make their bosses fall in love. Inevitably, hilarity and chaos ensues. Fans of romcoms won't be disappointed.

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