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5 Aesthetic Korean Makeup Brands That Will Blow Your Mind

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waseda chapter.

The world has recently experienced a Korean wave, also known as Hallyu, where South Korean culture has attracted interest across the globe. Kbeauty (Korean beauty) is a part of this sweeping culture, and creates beautiful and trendy makeup for the world market. Today, I would like to pick out 5 Korean makeup brands that will blow your mind. 


Everyone interested in Kbeauty must have heard about Clio’s “Kill Cover Cushion Foundation.” It boasts perfect coverage and makes your skin look flawless like a porcelain doll. Cushion foundations have become popular in Japan recently, and Clio’s has become a favorite of beauty gurus. Clio’s eyeshadow palette has exquisite colors that will accentuate your eyes. They are given cute names such as “coral talk” and “simply pink.” A look at their Instagram is all you need to know this brand’s beauty.

Photo via [@clio_official]


This brand has the most irresistible lip tints. Lip tints are trendy in Korea, and all brands have them. However, beauty gurus rave about Romand specifically for its exquisite colors. The CEO used to learn art in school, and she was able to make lip products like the colors of a watercolor painting. 

Romand has the “Juicy Lasting Tint” with a glossy finish and “Zero Velvet Tint” with a matte finish. The glossy ones will make your lips seem delicious like ripe fruit, and the matte ones give a blur effect like it was photoshopped. The beauty of the colors can only be explained by looking at the photographs. But you will never get bored with Romand because they come out with new colors frequently. 

Photo via [@romandyou]


Hince is all about gloss and glow. All of their makeup products embody the Korean beauty trend for a glossy finish. “True Dimension Radiance Balm” is one of their signature products and makes the skin seem radiant with highlighters and blush in the shape of a balm. Their Instagram shows how these will make your face look like you are shining from within.

Photo via [@hince_official]


All of Unleashia’s products have one thing in common — glitter. They have the most exquisite sparkle, like beautiful snowflakes illuminated by rays of light. The “Glitterpedia Eye Palette All of Glitter” was raved about for its variety of colors. If eye shadow palettes are too much for you, you can get the “Glitter Sticks” to apply glitter on the go. Glitter isn’t just for special occasions, but for adding a bit of happiness in every day. 

Photo via [@unleashia]


The last brand is Ameli – using this brand’s products will make you feel like you’ve become an artist. Their “Step Basic Eye Shadow/Blusher” comes in single colors. You can choose them as if picking colors for paint on your face. Another signature product is the “Vampire Lips.” They are lip pots and tints that have the crimson colors of blood. The products can give you the alluring and sensual look of a real vampire. 

Photo via [@ameli_official_kr]

Korean brands are trendy and aesthetic. Each product is like a work of art. I hope you found a brand of your liking and check it out. All brands are available in Japan if you shop online through sites like Qoo10

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