2019 Tokyo Illumination Recommendations

Even though summer is my favorite season as I am a sunshine and beach type of person, my favorite part of spending winter in Tokyo is visiting the various beautiful, dazzling winter illuminations throughout the city. If you will be spending the winter time in Tokyo or are thinking of taking a trip to Tokyo to spend your winter vacation, here are the top 5 winter illuminations that I recommend. 

1. Tokyo Mega Illumination 2019 (Tokyo City Keiba)

After going to this new illumination that just started last year, this quickly became one of my favorite winter illuminations in Tokyo. Even though Tokyo Mega Illumination is not located within central Tokyo, there are shuttle buses that you can take to get to the venue conveniently from Shinagawa Station on the weekends.

There are various sections within the illumination venue, and my personal favorite is the glowing field with different colors. It is truly a spectacular scene that you should see in person!

Photo by Angela

2. Caretta Illumination 2019 (Shiodome)

This is another winter illumination that I would rank as top 3 in Tokyo. The Caretta Illumination is located right outside Shiodome station; you can see a giant Christmas tree in front of the Caretta shopping mall and various dazzling illuminations appearing every now and then. 

This year, the Caretta Illumination is Aladdin-themed; famous Aladdin theme songs will accompany the purple illumination displays, so do not miss out.

Photo by Angela

3. Minatomirai Illumination 2019 (Yokohama) https://ymm21-illumination.jp/

This illumination is the only one that is not located within the city of Tokyo. If you are looking for a winter illumination with slightly different vibes, the Yokohama Milaight illumination is your perfect choice. I personally think Yokohama is the best place if you want to enjoy the Christmas festive spirit.

Even though I have not personally been to winter illuminations in Yokohama, I believe that the Yokohama Milaight winter illuminations will be spectacular and definitely worth it.

4. Shibuya Blue Cave Illumination 2019 http://shibuya-aonodokutsu.jp/

Last but not least, the Shibuya Blue Cave Illumination is that one unforgettable illumination for me. I can guarantee that you can take lots of beautiful selfies or pictures throughout the illumination. Despite the fact that the Blue Cave Illumination venue is comparatively smaller in scale, walking through blue lights lit up on both sides of Yoyogi park and Shibuya Park-dori is somewhat magical and — overall — just really pretty.

Photo by Angela

There are many other winter illuminations both within Tokyo (e.g. Ebisu garden place) and outside Tokyo (e.g. Enoshima) that you can check out. Whether you choose to just see one illumination or many illuminations, it will definitely be a beautiful memory for you to cherish.