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Warwick Is Choosing To Reuse

HCW caught up with Vicky Hill and Holly Brazier, two of the minds behind Warwick’s brand new eco-friendly campaign. 

1. Hey guys! Tell us a litte bit about your project – what is it? How did it start? 

Our project is aiming to reduce the amount of waste from takeaway coffee cups on campus. We’re trying to encourage people to invest in travel mugs instead. It started when we realised that, although people commonly think they can be recycled, only one in 1,000 actually are! We thought it was really interesting that so much waste came from something the majority of us are oblivious to. We then started our ‘Behaviour Change’ module. For part of our coursework we have to try and change a common behaviour and we thought this really gave us the chance to address the waste issue! 

2. How can Warwick students get involed?

If people want to get involved, get yourself a travel mug! Not only will it help the environment, on campus they actually charge an extra 10p for the takeaway mugs anyway. If you’re anything like me, and are copletely addicted to caffeine, that means you can save yourself a decent amount of money across the year too!

3. Where can we find you? 

If you do want to help our project follow us on instagram (@choosetoreuse_warwick) and post a selfie with a travel mug with the hashtag #choosetoreuse we’d really appreciate it! 

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