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It’s always movie season. There’s no bad time to watch a movie, whether it’s cuddling up with a cup of hot cocoa during the winter, or in the backyard on a blanket and laptop during a late summer sunset. The only question is though: What movie fits the vibe best? As a seasoned movie watcher, and lover of films, this is the guide to best inform you about what you should watch, and when. By following this guide, you’ll know exactly what to watch when…

… you want to laugh: American Pie

This movie has all the laughs. Whether watching solo or with a group of friends, this show is a great choice. I strongly recommend this movie, but more importantly, I recommend NOT watching with your parents. This is far from a family movie. 

…you’re having a girls night in: Mamma Mia!

For a lighthearted, happy, fun movie– this has to be your pick. I would bet that you and your girl gang will be smiling and singing along the whole time. This heartfelt yet upbeat movie is such a lively watch, and has elements of every genre: forever keeping you entertained. 

…you want to ugly cry: The Notebook

Tissues will be your best friend while watching this movie. This tearjerker film is beautiful and sad, and will definitely put you in your feels. I wouldn’t recommend watching this with a stranger or a new friend, unless you are trying to scare them off with your ugly cry– because you will. Alongside this movie, I recommend a trip to Target beforehand for ice cream, tissues, a cozy blanket, and lots of water, as you’ll need to rehydrate after. 

…you want something animated: Encanto

This Walt Disney movie is fun, with a catchy soundtrack, and a heartwarming plot about family and love. This movie is great when you’re feeling playfully nostalgic and want to re-visit all the childhood memories and feels.

…you’re babysitting: Minions

Who doesn’t love a minions movie?? Everytime I have ever suggested this to a family I’m babysitting for, I’m greeted with squeals of excitement and glee. The minions movies are hilarious and super enjoyable for all ages, and a great choice for when you want to genuinely enjoy something that the littles will too. 

…you want a bomb soundtrack: Black Panther

This movie is great, but you don’t even have to watch the movie to appreciate it. The soundtrack to this movie consists of some of the best songs ever created. Every song is a banger, and you will be on spotify half the time, adding songs to your playlist. I recommend this movie if you’re looking for a wonderful movie wrapped in rhythmic poetry. 

…you’re on a plane: In the Heights

Quick paced, city and beach clips, slightly over 2 hours, this movie is the ideal plane watch. The songs in this musical are exciting and lively- perfect entertainment in a cramped space. Your flight will fly by, as this movie has no dull moments.

…you feel like life is moving too quickly: Big Time Adolescence

This is probably my favorite movie, so I really do not think there is ever a bad time to watch this movie. This is the kind of movie that will stick with you after, and really make you physically feel. A story about growing up, this movie is painfully bittersweet but hilarious.

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