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Your Unofficial College Swiping Guide: Bumble and Tinder Edition

I don’t know about you, but online dating can have its ups and downs. Here are our favorite tell-tale signs for swiping left. Sorry, buddie

Fish Pictures

I’m sorry, but pictures of you holding your big catch is ridiculous

Gun Pictures

Not to get political here, but I’ll pass

Selfies with your tongue sticking out

What are you, four?


No shirt, flexing gym pictures

All pictures with your dogs

Pictures with other girls

Pictures with only your bros


Selfies of you chugging a bottle of wine or other alcohol.

This is not a gym mirror, pal. We get it, you’re swole.


We suspect that you are baiting us with your cute dog, and that’s not okay unless the dog comes on our first date too.


Is it really your sister?


Which one are you?? Where’s Waldo? Are you the hot one or nah?


You’re not that cool, pal. Stop trying to be cool.


“Let’s go on an adventure” Bio

What does that even mean, bro? That’s kinda creepy. (But wait, are you paying?)


  1. The Dog Snapchat Filter

No, just no. Why? Really, this applies to basically all snapchat filters.


Bathroom Selfies



Pictures with babies

What are you trying to tell me? As a lot of you like to say, I’m just looking for a “good time” and “not trying to get serious.”



It’s can be rough time out there in the dating world, ladies! Good luck finding prince charming.

Hello! My name is Camilla Zanini and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am currently in the pre-Business track, but am very interested in psychology as well. One of my favorite past times here at Wake is to walk around the Reynolda trails and to hang an Eno in whatever spot they have. I love travelling and Netflix too!
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