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Wisdom from a Single Girl on Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

Valentine’s Day: a time for flowers, chocolates, champagne, and love… unless you’re single. For many, Valentine’s Day is not much more than a reminder that you’re #foreveralone. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusively about love for a significant other. Here’s some fun perspectives on Valentine’s Day from some anonymous single ladies.


Valentine’s Day is a special way to appreciate relationships with loved ones like friends and family.


“Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t really bother me. My best Valentine’s Days have been spent with family or friends appreciating all the sources of love and support I have in my life.”


“Being single on Valentine’s Day really makes me appreciate how much my parents love me, because I know no boy will ever love me as much as my mom does.”



And did you know that being single means you don’t have to split the chocolates… or the wine!


“Eating chocolate by myself and watching a guilty pleasure romcom sounds like a great time to me!”


“There’s more wine for me because I don’t have to split the bottle… And more wine is ALWAYS better.”



Sometimes it’s still a rough day…


“Lol boyz are dumb.”


“Valentine’s Day… Lentine’s Day… Tine’s Day… Ay… Ayyy…. Ayyy Vodka.”



But your friends are always there to get you through!


“My sorority sister and roommate knows I love coffee, and when I was going through a rough situation in a relationship, she brought me a cup with  a message on it that said, “Boys are d***s, but coffee is forever.”


“My two best friends and I are taking each other out to dinner, drinking too much wine, then going home, watching Shameless, and eating a whole carton of Halo Top each because we don’t have to share with anyone!”



And if that doesn’t have you convinced…


“Ask me when was the last time I shaved my legs…”

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