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Winston Salem Eats: Caroline Osborn’s Food Blog About Restaurants in Winston-Salem


Caroline Osborn is a senior member of Wake Forest University who is majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Caroline’s hometown is Winston-Salem, and as such, she has gotten a chance to try a variety of local cuisine and share her experiences with her food blog. This blog, which can be found on Instagram (@winston_salem_eats), has amassed over 5,500 followers and highlights tasty foods from local restaurants in Winston-Salem.


Her Campus: When did you come up with the idea to start a food blog, and why did you choose to start on this journey?


Caroline Osborn: I first started my food blog when I was a senior in high school, but it was called “Ur Foodie Friend,” and it was something that I did for fun but did not take seriously. When I got to Wake, people would text me all the time for restaurant recommendations because I was from Winston Salem. So, in my Sophomore year, I decided to change the name to Winston Salem Eats and put more time and effort into making it a page that could be a resource for WFU students and Winston Salem locals. 


HC: What restaurant or market is currently your favorite spot?


CO: This is such a tough question to answer because I have so many favorites for so many different reasons. Right now, I am getting coffee most frequently at SaySo and Lavender & Honey. I love doing homework at Canteen Still Life. I frequent Bobby Boys, Carving Board, Yamas, and West End Poke for lunch. When it comes to dinner, I like going to different restaurants often and trying new places. My favorite bars right now are Joyner’s, Fair Witness, and Whisky Box. My favorite places to shop for groceries and fresh produce are the Cobblestone farmer’s market on Saturdays, Sea Products, Buie's market, and Smoke City meats. 


HC: Do you aim to order foods that are inherently photogenic or is that not a concern when it comes to ordering food?


CO: Generally, that is not a concern for me when it comes to ordering food. However, if the food looks good, I am more likely to photograph it and post it. 


HC: Have there been any unforeseen challenges managing your blog as well as school and extracurriculars? Is it a big time commitment?


CO: For the past year, I have been interning remotely at an agency part-time in Brooklyn, New York, on top of school and managing my food blog. It is definitely a challenge to work, be a student, and run a food blog all at the same time. I always wish I had more time to put into Winston Salem Eats, but unfortunately, it does have to come second to work and school. 


HC: Have you been able to obtain any business opportunities or company collaborations from your blog?


CO: In the past year, I have been able to obtain more business opportunities and collaborations with my food blog as my audience has grown. Often restaurants offer me free meals or free products in exchange for posting about it on Winston Salem Eats. I have also been doing lots of giveaways and have a few more exciting collaborations coming this semester. 


HC: Do you plan to continue with photography and/or your blog after graduation?

CO: I am planning on pursuing a career in marketing and advertising and specifically have an interest in working in influencer marketing and social media marketing for food and beverage brands at an agency after college. I plan to continue with my blog after graduation, but I may have to pivot the blog if I move cities.

Kate McLeod

Wake Forest '22

I am currently a junior at WFU and am a double major in Psychology and Spanish with a minor in Biology. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and living in Winson-Salem, NC has given me a new appreciation for the South and all of the experiences it holds. I have a passion for creative writing and journalism and after graduation, I hope to attend law school somewhere close to home!
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