Why it’s Important to Take Advantage of the Outdoors at College

Every college student knows the dreadful feeling of having a million things to do in so little time. Even when it feels like we should be laying out sun tanning, most of us college students still have some variety of tests, quizzes, presentations and/or papers to finish. Simply taking a little time out of your day can help you get through this tough time, and here’s how…


Having trouble focusing on that research paper? Can’t seem to get any studying done? Leave your study space for a few minutes and go take a walk around campus, walk into town or simply go sit outside and people-watch. Studies show that being in nature or just being outside can help to restore focus and concentration.


The plight of sleep deprivation. Almost every student can understand this; after staying up into the hours of dawn, trying to get back to the grind the next day can feel almost impossible. However, the outdoors can help even the most drudging sleep deprivation rut. Spending just 20 minutes outside provides the energy boost equivalent to one cup of coffee!  


While it is great to workout in a gym, from all the benefits of being outdoors, exercising in the open air seems far more rewarding. Plus, if you’re a runner, on many campuses there are paths and places to explore for an excursion. Use this to your advantage. Take a break - even if it’s short - and give your body that dopamine!


EVERYONE can empathize with the struggle of writer’s block. The appalling feeling of staring at your screen for what feels like hours, unable to write a sentence? Yep, been there. Take a pause on this, because you’re going nowhere; instead, take a break and get outside. It has been proven time after time that being outdoors boosts creativity significantly; perhaps you’ll come up with your genius idea finally.



Take a break from your screen, your books and that familiar library smell; change up the scenery and head into the sun! Make the most of your beautiful, sunny campus in the springtime, and give yourself a chance to gain a new perspective in your work. A college campus, filled with activities, hidden spots and friends, is the ideal place to utilize the spring warmth. Refresh your brain for yourself!