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Why it’s Important To Cherish First Semester

Your first semester at Wake is probably one of the most exciting things ever. I mean, I would know, because I’m currently living it! There are so many new things to do, so many new friends to make, so many classes to enjoy, so many clubs to join, so many places in Winston-Salem to explore, and the list goes on. Even though at times it can be slightly overwhelming, overall, your first semester is an extremely special one, and one that you shouldn’t take for granted.

There are so many reasons why first semester rocks. My favorite reason is that you kind of have a “free pass” at Wake. No one really knows you yet! You’re free to do whatever you want— you can join any club you want, take any class you want, go to any party you want. You’re still figuring out life at Wake and trying to get adjusted, but so is everybody else. First semester is all about exploring campus and getting to know different people, including the other members of your freshman class. Your first semester friends have seen it all— they’ve seen you cry after your chemistry test, seen you be a little too tipsy when you walk into the darty, they’ve stress-eaten with you, they’ve watched endless hours of The Office with you. 

First semester is for a lot of things. It’s for making mistakes and being confused, but it’s also a time to enjoy yourself and have tons of fun before you actually have real responsibilities (like before you actually get into the business school…yikes). 

With all the excitement of second semester coming up, and the talk about sorority rush and what classes to take next semester and the promise of a long winter break, it’s really important to just sit back and enjoy the moment. Don’t forget about the friends you’ve made first semester, or all the fun times you’ve had so far around campus. Soak all of it up. The end of first semester will be here before you know it, so live it up while you can, Deacs!


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Hi! I'm Jane! Born and raised in New York City, I'm a city girl who is now attempting to be Southern by studying here at Wake Forest University. I'm a freshman who is planning on majoring in communications and journalism. I love to write (especially blogging, duh) and am so excited to be writing for Freshman Problems this school year! When I'm not writing or experiencing my own freshman probs, I can be found watching The Real Housewives of New York City, drinking an iced mocha from Starbucks, and pretending that the spinning bike in the gym is actually a SoulCycle class.
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