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With February 14th quickly approaching, it’s time to analyze and question the existence of this superficial holiday. Though it may be an unpopular opinion, I find Valentine’s Day to be extremely overrated for a variety of reasons. Of course, telling people you love them is very important, but it is something that you should do every day. We shouldn’t need a designated day or reason to express our feelings for people in our lives. If you love someone and want to send them a card or buy them chocolate on any day of the year, it should be acceptable and welcomed: Valentine’s Day does not need to be your excuse.

Even more of a reason to dislike the holiday, Valentine’s Day distorts people’s perceptions and expectations of a genuine relationship. Movies, media and TV portray the holiday as this perfect, romantic, sexy and fantastic day to make a grand gesture and win over the love of your life. The extravagant dates that people watch on TV are rare exceptions. In reality, most couples would admit Valentine’s Day is like any other day except it involves cards, a bouquet, some chocolate, and maybe a special dinner reservation.

Like so many holidays now, Valentine’s Day has become a marketing ploy to get couples to spend way too much money on jewelry, watches, fine dining, and even vacations. If Valentine’s Day is really about love, money and gifts should not be considered. Expressing your love to someone should not require the exchange of material items: it should be about spending time with one another and enjoying each other’s company.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day can make those who are single feel unloved. Many young people complain that Valentine’s Day is another reminder that they are lonely and unhappy. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, the day can be somewhat of a burden if your significant other expects you to spend an excessive amount of money and plan an elaborate, romantic date. I would enjoy, and support, the holiday much more if Valentine’s Day were less about romance and more inclusive to all types of love and relationships.

Caitlin Shaw

Wake Forest '22

My name is Caitlin Shaw and I'm a junior at Wake Forest from Cincinnati, Ohio. I love reading, dancing, exercising, and playing with my French bulldogs. I write for Her Campus because I'm passionate about entertaining, inspiring, and lending advice to college girls like me :) I hope you enjoy reading my articles!