Why Campus Grounds is my New Favorite Spot on Campus

While Wake Forest is a very small campus, each year I still seem to find new places and niches on campus that make me appreciate the school even more. While Campus Grounds is a spot known and loved by many students here, I had not yet fully appreciated the wonder that is this cutesy, student-run coffee shop until I started living on the quad right next to it. If you have not yet checked out this not-so-hidden gem, here are a few reasons why you should:


  1. The coffee is AMAZING. They serve Krankies coffee, but also have an entire menu of specialty drinks, chillers, and classic coffees, such as lattes and mochas, all brewed to perfection. Their coffee is so much better and stronger than Starbucks' coffee, trust me. 

  2. Sweet deals. Every week, they choose one or two organizations to give discounts to. So if you’re part of any club, sports team, or philanthropic event of the week, you will receive 20% off your order. Also, for every 10 drinks you buy, you get one drink for free!

  3. The staff is super friendly. Maybe they’re always hyped up on caffeine, but every morning when I walk into Campus Grounds, I am always greeted by the cheerful and friendly staff.

  4. Did I mention the food? They yet again support local Winston-Salem business by carrying bagels, sandwiches, pastries, and muffins courtesy of Camino, a bakery downtown. You HAVE to try their blueberry muffins. Simply life-changing.

  5. They accept Deacon Dollars. If you have a ton of Deacon Dollars that you’re not going to spend at the bookstore, they will accept them here.

  6. Only coffee store that carries my favorite drink ever, the “Liquid Nutella.” Per recommendation of one of my favorite baristas, I tried this drink one sunny Tuesday morning and immediately fell in love. It has a strong hazelnut and espresso flavor that will give you an instant energy boost and sugar rush. Treat yo self.