What to Watch: Spring 2021

  1. 1. Community

    Hulu and Netflix - 6 seasons

    This show is an absolute must-watch for anyone who loves comedy. It is a show that will make you laugh out loud while addressing issues within friendship, life, and education. Community is centered around a diverse group of friends who are all at Greendale Community College for a variety of reasons. The series is complete and has short episodes that can easily be watched while doing homework or other tasks simultaneously.

  2. 2. Girlfriends

    Netflix - 8 seasons

    Girlfriends is an early 2000s show featuring all African American female leads that follows the struggles and successes of a group of friends in LA. The show tackles issues central to the black community that are still very relevant today such as code-switching, colorism, and racial profiling. It also centers around friendship and togetherness. All 8 seasons are on Netflix and the episodes are around 20-25 minutes, so it is perfect for bingeing. It also stars Tracee Ellis Ross, which is a bonus!

  3. 3. Living Single

    Hulu - 5 seasons

    Living Single is a 90s show set in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on the lives of six friends. Not only is it an African American lead cast, but it also features both male and female perspectives. Queen Latifah stars in the show, which gives the show a certain familiarity for those who grew up watching her, even if they have never seen Living Single before! The show is a bit older, but it embodies the timeless nature of friendship, as well as the fashion sense that has recently re-emerged! All 5 seasons are on Hulu and ready for your enjoyment.

  4. 4. Kim's Convenience

    Netflix - 5 seasons

    Kim’s Convenience is a CBC sitcom that focuses on a Korean family in America. It addresses important pop culture issues while also bringing light to the problems that immigrant families face, such as the gap between generations when it comes to traditions. The show is absolutely hilarious and excels at giving insight into the culture around a Korean-Canadian family. It has recently released its fifth season on Netflix. So, the show is currently still doing well and there is a good possibility for more seasons to come.

These are just a few shows that I have recently been watching! So, as usual, I am recommending titles that make me laugh out loud or are interesting to me. All the shows on this list are comedies, but they are full of fresh perspectives on issues faced by specific communities right now. Happy Watching!