What Not To Wear: Gym Edition


There’s nothing like freeing your mind at the gym after a long day filled with classes and homework. Whether it’s a 20-minute run on the treadmill, or a tough weight-lifting workout, physical fitness is a great way to relieve stress and you will always feel satisfied afterward!

Before you go to the gym, you throw on a t-shirt, shorts, and some sneakers, grab your iPod, fill up your water bottle and voila: you’re ready to go. But have you ever really paid attention to what you were wearing?

Certain pieces of clothing can actually interfere negatively with your workout by collecting sweat, restricting your movement, and irritating your skin. Therefore, it’s best to take a second and double check that you’re wearing proper exercise clothes whenever you work out. It’s also best to know what type of attire to avoid. So collegiettes, I present What Not to Wear: Gym Edition.

                                                                                                                       *Image courtesy of bella.com

#1: All-cotton clothing: I put this at the top of the list because this is the number one gym clothing “mistake.” 100% cotton t-shirts or tank tops seem loose-fitting and comfortable, but they actually have the opposite effect when working out. Sweat tends to stick to the clothes and in turn, to your skin. This sweat takes forever to dry and weighs you down. It also increases chances of body breakouts and skin irritation. Ew. 

#2: Baggy Sweatpants: Baggy sweats can be a physical hazard at the gym. They can sometimes get caught on whatever workout machines you are using. One time when I went to the gym with my friend, she decided to wear loose sweatpants. While running on the treadmill, the left leg of her pants caught the side of the machine! Luckily, she caught herself before making a lovely face plant in public. Both she and I learned firsthand that baggy pants are not good for the gym…at all.

                                                                                                       *Image courtesy of freestylernetwork.com


#3: Thongs: It’s common for collegiettes to think that tight fitting bottoms require thongs. I mean no one enjoys panty lines; but thongs are NOT the right type of underwear to wear when working out. Wearing thongs while exercising can lead to the collection of bacteria, causing eventual irritation and in some cases, infection (gross!). Turn to seamless underwear instead—more comfort and no visible lines.

#4: Revealing Tops: Although low-cut workout tops may appear flattering to your figure, they can actually be rather distracting for others. When bending down to do stretches or pushups, this leads to frontal view of your bust—and a bunch of pervy guys checking you out (and a bunch of girls rolling their eyes at you). Plus, tops like these don’t usually give the support your breasts may need, especially if you have a bigger bust!

                                                                                                                     *Image courtesy of fitsugar.com


#5: Makeup: This isn’t exactly in the fashion category, but it deserves to be on this list. Some girls decide to keep their makeup on whenever they exercise, and it ends up being a bad mistake. First of all, the makeup ends up either running down your face or sticking to your skin. Second, the makeup clogs pores, leading to more breakouts and a dull complexion. What makes you look good actually ends up being bad for your skin. Oh, the irony.

#6: Improper Shoes: Vans, Keds, Converse, Toe Shoes, Boots, Hiking Shoes, Dress shoes…you get the idea. Purchase a light running shoe that fits your feet well and provides a supportive arch. This will avoid any ankle, foot, or leg injuries while exercising!

Have fun exercising (and looking good)!