What I’ve Learned Watching Grey’s Anatomy Years Later

(SPOILER ALERT: This article contains a lot of spoilers of the show up until Season 15)


So, I have a strong dislike of the medical field, with doctors in general.  It is a personal thing I just have never had a good experience with any medical professional I’ve encountered (and I’ve encountered quite a few) so people always used to tell me I probably wouldn’t like Grey’s Anatomy.  I didn’t really have a strong inclination to watch the show anyway, drama with doctors, like ok. I also knew a lot of the plot points, and I mean a lot. I knew about George’s death, the bomb, Derek’s death, Lexie and Mark’s death, that Alex and Jo got married, the plane crash, fighting for custody with Arizona and Callie, April and Jackson…. I knew pretty much everything big that was going to happen on this show.  So why should I watch it? 


But then one day I just pressed play on Netflix, and so began my 15 season journey with Grey’s Anatomy. And I actually loved it…. 

And let me tell you, not only have cried (a lotttt) and laughed but I see why the show was so successful and why each character is so loved (although I have some unpopular opinions about some of them).  


  1. Going into the show and seeing how young the interns are, Cristina, Meredith, and Alex and knowing who they become and how they grow, it is to me more enjoyable because you know they are going to make it.  Alex was immediately my favorite character, and it's because I just knew his character development was going to be incredible and I loved him already for it.  


  1. Having someone that you can tell everything to is extremely important. Have your own “person.” You also can have more than one person, but try to surround yourself with people that will pick you up when you’re down. 


  1. Just because you know how it ends, doesn’t make the journey any less enjoyable. 

Even though I knew a lot of what was going to happen, it didn’t make me any less sad or happy when those things did happen. 


  1. This show, while amazing, its the characters that drive the show forward. Honestly, the more original characters that they lose the more they chip away at the heart of the show.  While I probably will continue watching just to see how on earth they would wrap it up, it is definitely far from being the same show it once was.  

  1. And of the course the #1 lesson Grey’s Anatomy has taught us all… 


This show has been a rollercoaster of emotions (especially me watching April and Jackson’s relationship don’t get me started) but it has been enjoyable and I do love these characters deeply.