What To Gift Your Girl Friends based on Their Major

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

For that pre-med one (we all have one if it isn’t us):

Who doesn’t like to cozy up by the fireplace with a brand new pillow on Christmas morning? Gift your future doctor with this super cute “doctor in progress” throw pillow!

For the business gal:

Or for any of your smart-cookie female friends, Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba is a quick-read for the female entrepreneur and female entering the professional world that will also bless her holiday with inspirational quotes to spark that zeal!

For the psych major:

Candles are always a classic when it comes to Christmas gifting your gal pals. This Sigmund Freud candle is the perfect gift for your thinking friend at just $12.95!

For your English/lit bookworm:

The possibilities are endless for this non-book-bookish gift. The bathtub is one of my favorite places to read, and these adorable soaps can be the cherry-on-top of your friend’s late night holiday reading sessions. Choose from Lewis Caroll, Shakespeare, Chaucer and many more right here.

For the foreign language major:

Choose from any language with these foreign language calendars. Plus, they all come with access to the Living Language Online Language Lab!

For the math major:

Holiday time is baking time. These mixing bowls contain proofs and classic theorems, making them a terrific Christmas gift for your bright best friend. Need I say more?

For the history or politics buffy:Your friend will love to curl up this Christmas evening with one of these assorted teas from the Boston Tea Party Party tea sampler, containing the same types of tea that were thrown over during the Boston Tea Party— choose from oolong, bohea, congou, souchong, singlo and hyson with this $15 deal.

For the artist:

Okay but seriously, I have one of these things, and they’ve been my saving grace this semester on stressful study nights. To use the Buddha Board, simply paint on the surface with water and watch your creation develop. Repeat again when it fades. Perfect for anyone with a creative mind!

And last, but certainly not least…

For the undeclared:Your friend is a mastermind but isn’t quite sure yet where she wants to apply her smarts? No problem! Gift her with these adorable aroma-therapy rollerballs to aid her focus and retention on those grind nights. They come with an aroma absorbing pebble bracelet too!