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What Does Your Study Spot Say About You?


You are a socialite, so you prefer studying with friends, or at least surrounded by people, as opposed to studying alone. You’re the type of person who finds utter silence more distracting than a room full of chatter.  And you would choose a cozy, coffee-filled atmosphere over the cold and quiet atmosphere of the rest of the library any day—because the insane amount of homework you have is already miserable enough.



You had to compile enough work ethic to go the library…didn’t want to have another procrastination scare. You settle for the nearest table available, because you don’t feel like going on an adventure for a spot elsewhere. After all, you’re only there to fight off the laziness inside of you.


Red Room

You are focused on getting most of your work done. You have enough willpower to stay there for at least 2 hours. You probably have a group of friends with you, hoping to find an available table. And maybe you chose that room as a study spot because of the insane amount of Lambdas you always find congregated in there—talk about motivation to study.


Comfy Chairs

You’re all about comfort. You can’t stand those wooden or gray chairs, so you want to sit somewhere where your butt won’t fall asleep for the next four hours. You probably only have your laptop on you, because where are you going to put your books? Bonus points if an outlet is nearby.


6th floor

You’re a bit more serious about your studying. Sure, you may have a friend or two with you, but as soon as you find a seat, it’s all about “studying, studying, studying.” Plus, you’re assertive, because you know finding a table on the lower floors is almost impossible (depending on the time of day).


Single desks near the stacks

You might as well have a sign that says “Please don’t bother me; I’m actually trying to study. I had to ditch my friends to study in this lonely place because I mean serious business.”


8th floor

You are hardcore about your academics. Whether you just have an awesome work ethic, or you’re screwed with the amount of work you’ve been assigned, you’ve made the hike up there for a reason—to get sh*t done.



Outside (Reynolda Patio/Outside the Library/On the Grass)

If there was a club for the appreciation of beautiful weather, you would probably be on the leadership staff. You’re conflicted between enjoying the sun and finishing that paper, so you settle for both. Or try to. Everyone knows that studying with the sun beating on your face is almost impossible. You’ll choose the tan over the paper.


Dorm Lounge

You’re feeling a bit too lazy to go to the library right now. You have an easy week—no tests, no papers. You guess you should probably finish that online assignment that is due on Thursday. NO pressure though. In fact, the game on TV seems more appealing…


Study Room

You’re with your friends or with your a study group. The four or five of you came with the intention of finishing that extensive project before the night gets too late. But who are you kidding? You’re probably just going to talk about Yik Yak or that crazy darty you went to a few days ago. It’s normal to get sidetracked sometimes…



The fact that you can actually study on your bed without turning to Netflix or a 2-hour nap is impressive. You’re also probably one of the people who finishes exams earlier than everyone else, because you’re just that invincible. Who needs the library when you have work ethic like that?


*Cover photo from 1dprefss.tumblr.com

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