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#wfufreshmenproblems: To Pit or Not to Pit?

Hi fellow frosh, what’s new? As I’m sitting here blogging, 6 p.m. is approaching, and my stomach is starting to growl. I don’t know about you, but there are only so many times I can eat at Chick-Fil-A without feeling like my arteries are going to burst. I could go to the new salad bar (that still doesn’t have a name yet …), but a salad is kind of a skimpy meal for dinner, especially when it costs around $7. I’m in the mood for something different. Quickly, I look around my room to see if I have any leftovers in my fridge from this weekend, but I shudder as I realize I actually did finish the entire pizza I brought back from Mellow Mushroom on Sunday. Finally, the inevitable sets in as I realize I’m left with only one option: time to text my friend with those three little words …“Wanna Pit it?”
If we had a choice, I don’t think any of us would choose to eat at the Pit. First semester, it didn’t seem that bad. Sandwiches and salads may get old, but it’s pretty hard to mess them up. However, when I came back from winter break, I started to be a bit more critical about the Pit. Maybe it was just the delicious food I was spoiled with by my Italian mother while at home, but suddenly, I found even the sandwiches and salads unappealing. I started to pick at the little things: wilted lettuce, over-salted soup, omelets that crumbled on my fork, and bagels that just couldn’t compare to the ones I’d been eating back home in New Jersey.
Armed with some creativity and a stomach that growls obnoxiously when it hasn’t taken in food every few hours, I decided I needed to make the effort to find something that could turn my Pit dining experience around. After some thought and culinary experimentation, I found out. Freshmen, it’s simple but powerful, and it may be the temporary answer to our Pit woes: the sandwich wrap!
It’s no question that our panini makers are crucial when making a sandwich, but I soon realized they have the potential to do more than just toast bread. Like I mentioned, I’m a usual at the salad, sandwich, and omelet stations, but sometimes I feel like spicing it up, as I’m sure you all do, too. I didn’t realize that a wrap was all that was missing. And I’m not just talking about your typical quesadilla stuffed with cheese—there’s so much you can do with this simple staple. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, adding a wrap to your plate can make all the difference.
The Breakfast Wrap

Omelets are undoubtedly one of the best things the Pit has to offer, and they’re especially good when Netta is making them. But sometimes you just need to add in some carbohydrates to turn your omelet into a really satisfying meal. Next time, try making a breakfast wrap! First, pick up a wrap from the sandwich line. Then, ask for your eggs to be scrambled with whatever you usually mix in (cheese, veggies, etc.) While your eggs are being cooked, warm up the wrap slightly on the panini press, so it softens and warms up. Add the eggs on top, and then fold the wrap burrito style. Add some salsa if you’re feeling adventurous! Have some fruit or salad on the side. It’s simple, but for some reason seems so much fancier than normal eggs. Plus it’s the perfect meal any time of the day and a lot more filling than an omelet alone.
The Veggie Rollup

Even though a wrap is from the carb family, that doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. You can make a delicious (and vegetarian!) wrap yourself, easily. Head to the sandwich line and pick up a wrap (I suggest spinach, to go with the veggie theme), and ask for it to be slathered in hummus. Put the wrap hummus side up on the panini press, without pressing down on it. This will allow the outside of the wrap to soften without squishing the hummus. Next, take your creation to the salad bar and add in as many toppings as you’d like! Spinach, peppers, olives, sprouts, and cucumbers work really nice together in the wrap. Roll it up and enjoy!
Ham and Cheese ‘Crepe’

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can attempt the ham and cheese crèpe, known in French as a “croque monsieur.” I know the wraps at the Pit are not exactly on par with the delicious crèpes found on the Champs Elysées, but this one does taste pretty darn good. Order a wrap and ask for a bit of Dijon mustard to be put on first. Then, ask for cheese (cheddar or American works well) and ham to be put on next. When it’s all rolled up, put the wrap on the panini press and let the inside get all gooey and delicious. Enjoy!
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a freshman complain about the Pit, I’d be richer than Bill Gates. Guys, let’s face it, we’re only freshmen, so we’re going to be stuck with Pit food for the next few years. But you’d be surprised how much of a difference a wrap can make—I certainly was.  If you think creatively, I guarantee your taste buds will thank you, and the Pit will become a little bit less of a #wfufreshmenproblem. Happy “cooking”, collegiettes!

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