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We Wear Pink On Wednesdays: Showing Support For Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Name: Hannah Shea
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut 


1. Why do you wear pink?

I wear pink because my cousin was diagnosed in the fall of 2012 with breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. It was a tough year for my cousin as she was receiving cancer treatment while being pregnant with Mathew James. All of my family was there to help Kathleen, her husband, and their two year old son whenever they needed an extra hand. This past summer, our family received the good news that she is cancer free, and she gave birth to the cutest little boy! She is the most fearless, kind, and optimistic person I know, and I am so happy to have her as a cousin!

2. What are some ways you add pink into your daily style?

The slightest color of pink can be incorporated into your outfit.  I sometimes pair a pink scarf with jeans and a sweater, or I wear a pink headband. Even a pink hair elastic on your wrist is a simple way to incorporate pink into your outfit. I also have a pink ribbon on my backpack to support the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.

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