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Wake 101: How to Pack for a Road Trip the Right Way

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

Road trips may be an excuse to eat at fast food restaurants or munch on packaged processed food, but packing healthy snacks is not only better for your body but it can make those long miles more enjoyable. My advice to you is to be disciplined when packing your road trip before embarking on your fabulous Spring Break getaway. Do not think about what you want in the moment, like Oreos or Doritos for example. Instead, think of what you want most, long term, which is a healthy Spring Break bod. Don’t throw away all your hard work and extra reps in the Miller Center with one quick Krispy Kreme Donuts stop on your way out of Winston… Be strong, keep your eye on the prize, and keep that body and mind in tip-top shape with these Fit-tastic foods!

1. Fun Size Packs of Peanut Butter

These will become your best friends! Not only is peanut butter a superb source of protein and potassium, it is also a great source of “healthy fats” that your body needs. Both olive oil and avocado contain these healthy fats as well. Dip apple, banana, or celery slices in the peanut butter for a yummy, belly fat burning treat.


2. Grapefruit is the Best Fruit

Here’s one fruit you probably were not planning on grabbing in the Pit before you leave. Grapefruits may be a little tart but they are incredibly abundant in enzymes that burn fat and in water with less sodium. You will kick your metabolism into full gear, and maybe even kick the seat in front of you with pure excitement as your body begins the journey to health Heaven.

3. Think Bite-Sized

I can’t think of one mini thing that I don’t love – mini coopers, mini golf, and mini snacks! Pack a few mini-pitas with hummus or cheese or bite-sized PB&Js to satisfy your tummy without accidentally overeating – something really easy to do especially on a road trip! Any healthy fun-size snack is usually the way to go!

4. Mix it – Mix it Real Good

Have a road trip snack packing party with your friends and create your own healthy Spring Break trail mix! Throw together some almonds, dried cranberries, wasabi peas, dark chocolate chips, pecans etc. to create a terrific assortment of salty and sweet snacks. You will be amazed how quickly your cravings for chips or candy will disappear.

5. Hard-Boiled Eggs

These little guys serve as an EGG-cellent source of protein capable of kicking your hunger out altogether. Not to mention they are perfect for plane rides and road trips because they are entirely hassle/mess free.

And there you have it, Collegiettes. Use this as your checklist when packing that Spring Break snack bag and have a safe and fabulous vacation!

Go Deacs! :)
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Cassie Brown

Wake Forest

Editorial Campus Correspondent. Former Section Editor for Campus Cutie. Writer for Her Campus Wake Forest. English major with a double minor in Journalism and Communication. Expected graduation in May 2014.