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Wake 101: How To Make Someone Else’s Valentine’s Day From Afar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Einstein may or may not have been a romantic, but he does have a point. Live by this motto and you’ll have the perfect way to spend your V-day. Rather than worrying about whether or not a special someone is going to ask you on a romantic date, channel your efforts into reminding someone back home how special they are to you this Valentine’s Day. Here’s how!

Love Letters Matter

I’m not talking about sending a mushy love letter to your ex high school sweetheart reminiscing about old times. We’re not trying to be Noah from The Notebook – but really who could live up to that? Send a handwritten letter to your little sister, filled with love and advice on how to handle those happy moments and heartbreaks when chartering the waters of high school love. You remember what it was like being a 16-year-old, longing for your first boyfriend or dreaming of being asked to Prom by an upper classman. Let your mini-you know how absolutely amazing she is, with or without a boy. But more importantly, remind her how much she is loved by you and so many others all around her. Your words will stick with her for a lifetime, and she will cherish the letter forever.

An Unexpected Delivery

You know how much you love receiving care packages from your family. Why not send them a care package this Valentine’s Day filled with affordable goodies, cards, and treats to brighten each family member’s V-Day. Think of how surprised they will be! You can even print off some of your favorite family photos to remind them of some of your favorite moments with them and how much you love them. Make sure to package and send it early enough to ensure that it arrives promptly at your home sweet home on the sweetest day of the year.

Flower Friends a Far with Love

Do you and your friends from high school go to different universities? Is that group text your main source of connection while you’re apart? How about you send each of them a surprise card and picture of you all together with their favorite candy or flowers. It’s always important to tell your besties how happy you are to have such a close friendship with them, even when you all are far apart. Make their day and send those cards on their way!

I know we all have busy schedules, but we must remember that it truly is the little things that make life wonderful. Go forth, and make someone’s Valentine’s Day as special as they are to you. 

Go Deacs! :)
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Cassie Brown

Wake Forest

Editorial Campus Correspondent. Former Section Editor for Campus Cutie. Writer for Her Campus Wake Forest. English major with a double minor in Journalism and Communication. Expected graduation in May 2014.