Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

The spring of sophomore year at Wake Forest is a confusing time. As the school year begins to wind down, all your friends are discussing the places they will be next fall. From Prague to Spain to Argentina, the list of places to see, and places people will be, are endless. Yet, I would be remiss not to acknowledge that some people may still be on the fence about going abroad or may not even want to go. However, if you are one of those people contemplating going abroad, here are 10 reasons that may tip the scale.

  1. Incredible sights: From Buckingham Palace in London, to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the never-ending beauty will astonish you and leave you looking like:
  2. Spend time with your friends: Whether you’re going on a program with friends or planning a trip to meet up at a specific destination, it’s a unique experience to travel the world with friends. No matter where you go, you and your friends will inevitably clamor around one another to take a #selfie.
  3. Make new friends: Expand your horizons, introduce yourself, talk to someone you may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.
  4. Eat incredible food: Croissants. Chocolate. Pasta. Pizza. Need I say more?
  5. Experience a different culture: Take this time in your life to learn from, and with, people from a culture that is unlike your own.
  6. Travel: Being abroad is a unique opportunity, at what other point in your life will you be able to pack a carry-on and travel to another country for the weekend?
  7. Gain perspective: Immersing yourself in a new country and culture offers you the ability to see the world in a different way. When you arrive back in Winston-Salem, you’ll have a new appreciation for the work you’re doing and see how its applicable in the real world.
  8. Gain independence: Going abroad forces you to become comfortable in a new environment quickly. You inevitably adapt and when you can finally navigate public transportation without City Mapper you realize “this is what true independence feels like.”
  9. Learn a new language: Many abroad programs require students to take the language of the host country their staying in. While it may be a nerve wracking proposition, it will allow you to further immerse yourself in the culture.
  10. Learn how to organize: whether its organizing a trip with friends or learning how to effectively pack, going abroad will allow you to kiss checking a bag good-bye.