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Three Items You Need to Survive the Holiday Party Season


December brings all kinds of wonderful things: Christmas, presents, and parties! Although we all love the holiday-themed parties where a tacky Christmas sweater and a short skirt is dress code appropriate, returning home wearing that look is no longer acceptable. So whether it’s your parents office party or a classy Christmas cocktail with friends, here are three things that will help you get through the holiday party season!

The Perfect Dress

The perfect holiday party dress differs for each person, but since it is a festive occasion don’t be afraid to play with patterns and textures. Personally though I like to stick to colors that remind me of the holidays, like red and winter white, or keep it classy in black. I also think velvet and lace are great ways to add a little interest to any LBD! And of course a little glitter never hurt anyone!


Festive Accessories

Accessories can dress up or dress down any outfit. Also, during the holiday season it is the perfect time to have a little fun with them! Go for a cute look with little ornament earrings or a sassy look with a lot of different bangles. Don’t forget about things like tights! They can be the perfect addition to a simple dress. Get them with a little sparkle or a cute pattern – don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure that it’s not too much with the rest of your outfit!

Comfortable and Cute Heels

The key to having a successful party is a comfortable pair of heels…oxymoron right? Not so fast! Keep in mind heel height and what they are made of. For example, patent leather is great for a short period of time but pumps in that material aren’t typically that comfortable. Suede is usually a better and more flexible material so it’s not so sharp and rough. Also, wedges are a great alternative to stilettos! And sometimes boots with a small heel are even better – as long as they aren’t too causal for the occasion. 

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