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Bachelor Zach S
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The Most Memorable Introductions of The Bachelor Season 27

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

The Most Memorable Introductions of The Bachelor Season 27

Season 27 of The Bachelor aired this past Monday, January 23rd, starring Zach
Shallcross. 30 women packed up their lives and flew out to California to start their journey for
love and fame. As always, watching the women exit the limo and introduce themselves to Zach
is the highlight of the first episode. It is always a competition of who can come up with the most
memorable line or activity to make the bachelor want to give them the first kiss of the season as
well as the first impression rose. There were definitely some introductions that proved to be the
most memorable to me, and below I want to share some of the funniest and most entertaining
entrances of this season with you!

Her introduction is one of the most entertaining of the season because instead of arriving in the
limo with all the other women, she rolls up to the mansion in a party bus just for her. The other
women who already made their intros watch her smart idea and immediately are envious of her
creativity. I love the party bus idea because it is memorable and also shows that she is a lot of

She brought her pig named Henry to the mansion with her. She walked in with him on a leash,
like a dog. She explained that she used to show pigs as a little girl and that she is a farmer. Zach
seems to like the pig and it definitely is a memorable way to walk in. While I would never enter
this way into the mansion, it seems to be a big factor of her life and so props to her for sticking to
who she is!


She walked up as if all was going to be normal. However, shortly after saying her name she
asked him to do a favor for her. He of course said yes and so she told him to bend down. When
he did she licked him by his ear and said “ I licked it so now it’s mine.” I do not love this
introduction despite how memorable it is since, as a germaphobe, I find it unclean. I also think
that it is classless to lick someone when you first meet them.

She walked in dancing around with beads around her hand. She also had a trumpet player in the
background playing loud music. She used the music and beads to represent that she is from New
Orleans, and I thought it was a great way to be memorable by connecting her culture with her
introduction. This was one of my favorite introductions of the night by far! It was such a smart
and cute idea!

Cat was one of the lucky women who was asked to attend after the final rose of last season and
get to meet Zach early. To re-introduce herself at the mansion this time she put her hands in a
claw position to represent her name being Cat. She also said “Love ya” when she walked into the
mansion. To me, this introduction was cheesy and the Cat joke is overplayed. I also think her
saying “Love ya” is too much for the first night, even though she does not mean it in the way that
she actually loves him.

Amanda Schlesinger

Wake Forest '25

Writer and Social Media Developer for Wake Forest University Her Campus