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The Greatest Comeback Story From the Early 2000’s: UGGs

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Most of us remember the UGGs we wore in the 2010s. This was in middle school eras for most of us. I remember proudly tucking unfashionable bootcut jeans into a pair of tall shapeless boots and thinking I was the coolest girl in school. Eventually, UGGs fell out of style and disappeared from our closets. I never could have predicted that I’d be writing about how UGGs are fashionable again (gasp), but here I am! However, now they have some cute twists that elevate any outfit. Sure enough, people are buying them so fast that they’re sold out everywhere.

There are several styles of UGGs that I see everywhere now, and none of them include the ones we wore in middle school. The key is the length of these boots; gone are the tall shapeless boots, and in are the mini versions that soften this look.

If you’re looking to dip your toe back into this trend, a good place to start is the UGG ultra minis. They’re pretty versatile, look great with wide-leg jeans, and will go with everything. However, one twist on the look I’ve been seeing everywhere is the Classic Ultra Minis Platform. Not only do they make you look taller, but they give the shoe some shape, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing two brown paper bags on your feet. Celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Dua Lipa have all recently been spotted in this particular style, which speaks volumes about how far this look has come since 2010. Finally, a third look I currently have on my own Christmas list is the Platform Tazz Slipper. They sport the same platform look in a shorter indoor/outdoor slipper style, with red embroidery around the collar to add a little spice. The fact that a shoe can double as a pair of slippers while also being able to be worn outside is truly engineering at its finest. Talk about a fashion comeback.

Alice Bragg

Wake Forest '25

My name is Alice Bragg, and I'm a sophomore at Wake Forest University from Davidson, North Carolina. I'm currently majoring in Communications and Psychology and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I'm excited to write for Her Campus and get to know the community better!