Take Some Beauty Advice From Londoners

This past semester, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in London. While I had visited before, having the ability to live in London, like a local, allowed me to see a more niche and nuanced version of the incredible city.

As I walked through the swarm of people emerging from the Baker Street tube station, I was always transfixed by how stylish and creative Londoners were. They were all so creative with their outfits and cosmetic choices. Patterns I would never think to place together simply worked. The men even showed off their individuality with unique colored suits and funky socks. There was an entirely different perspective that surrounded fashion in London. While across the pond, I learned a few things about beauty.

Less is more! In terms of makeup, I found that Londoners preferred to look more natural and use less makeup than, say, how one would be seen walking down the streets of New York. Beauty was perceived as coming from oneself rather than the makeup used to enhance attributes.


Number 7 is incredible.

Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask, Target.com

No, no not the number, the makeup brand. Number 7 was created by Boots, a drugstore company, in the United Kingdom. They have products from makeup to skincare and I can wholeheartedly endorse their skin clearing masks.

All stylish clothes are found at markets.

Seriously, London has a wealth of markets every weekend from food stalls to boutique clothing options, there are gem worthy pieces just waiting to be nabbed.

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