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Swooning Over Eric Hutchinson and Spilling Green Beer

If you weren’t on the lower quad last Wednesday at 8pm, let’s just say you missed out. Girls (and boys) flooded the lower quad in masses to support Wake Forest junior John McDonald’s band and (for those of age) to enjoy some green beer. The Student Union-sponsored event helped us celebrate every Irish (or not) college student’s favorite holiday – St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, McDonald wooed the crowd with a broad set list, with everything ranging from Clapton to Timberlake to Jason Mraz. Ladies, if you have a crush on any of these artists, come listen to John and you are sure to fall just as much in love. He’s got good looks, soul and a whole lot of talent.
The icing on the cake for the night? Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson. You might have noticed an awkward, pale, potentially-too-old to be a college student lurking around during McDonald’s opening performance. And to be honest, you probably didn’t notice him because he’s not what most people expect to see when they’ve listened to Eric Hutchinson’s music. However, by the time he hit the stage, he’s an entirely different guy. Hutchinson switched into performance mode, donning a classy grey suit and a whole lot more confidence. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Eric Hutchinson, here are the basics: he’s a 29 year old singer-songwriter out of Maryland. His music is soulful and fun, filled with upbeat melodies and hilariously witty lyrics. Hutchinson got his big break from blogger Perez Hilton last year when he was deemed Hilton’s newest music crush. He even got the celebrity gossip expert to appear in his music video for his hit song “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Hutchinson’s popularity is rapidly growing; he’s recently been compared to the likes of Ben Folds, Billy Joel, and yes, the Beatles. So, pay attention to this guy. Concert-goers were lucky enough to stand right up against the stage, getting both shout-outs and personal jabs from the clever Hutchinson. Eric even improvised a little song about “green beer” and “Wake Forest hangovers” to tease some of the audience. His main target for the night was the partiers roped into the “beer garden,” a large group of 21+ year olds trying to enjoy both the music and some green beer for the Irish holiday. Not surprisingly, the event was a huge success. Eric Hutchinson takes command of the stage as well as his audience, and by the end of his set everyone had become a fan. And for those who maybe had a little too much green beer just didn’t want the party to end. Keep your eyes open for more fun and free events like this on campus, as they are sure to be a great way to kick off a Wake Wednesday.

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