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Stevie Donatell (‘16)

Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Economics major with a minor in communications

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Food: Pizza, anything Italian

Favorite Movie:The Dark Knight Rises”

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad”

*Photo by Lizzie Brown.

Get pumped for the Wake vs. Clemson game this Thursday with this week’s Campus Cutie!  Meet the super sweet Stevie Donatell!

HC (Her Campus): So how long have you played football?

SD (Stevie Donatell): I started in middle school, probably around sixth or seventh grade.

HC: Why did you choose Wake Forest to launch your football career?

SD: Well, I grew up in Georgia, so [Wake] reminded me of the South the most.  Also, the coaches are great and so is the caliber of the school.

HC: What has been the most exciting game you have ever played in at Wake?

SD: Well, I am a redshirt sophomore.  Plus, I was injured last season, and I am still recovering from that now.  But I would say the most exciting game for me was against Presbyterian College last season when I started as a redshirt freshman.

HC: And besides football, what is your dream job?

SD: Anything that involves helping people – I’ll enjoy that.

*Photo by Dean Shore.

HC: What has been your favorite class at Wake so far?

SD: I took a psychology course that was really interesting.  It was cool to learn about the mind and how it works.

HC: So shifting gears, let’s talk about girls…

SD: I’ll answer anything.

HC: As a guy, do you have any advice for Wake Forest girls?

SD: Just to be yourself.  To be putting on a front – it doesn’t usually end well.  Be yourself, find someone that likes you for who you are, and don’t try to be the perfect person for someone else.

HC: So what qualities do you look for in a girl?

SD: Someone who is true to herself and that can laugh at herself.  Someone who is outgoing and likes to have a good time.

HC: And where would you take a girl on a first date?

SD: Definitely a nice dinner followed by something competitive, like putt-putt.  Just something fun.

HC: And are you looking for anything serious now?

SD: I’m always open, and if the right girl comes around – yes, I would like something serious.

HC: What’s your biggest turn off in a girl?

SD: A girl that is constantly cussing – I don’t like that.  That’s definitely the biggest turn off right there.

*Photo by Dean Shore.

HC: So what’s on your Wake Forest bucket list?

SD: Finding the tunnels in Wait Chapel, and definitely going to the top of Wait Chapel.

HC: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

SD: Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez.

HC: What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

SD: I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

HC: Being on the football team, you guys don’t get to go home a lot in the fall.  What’s your favorite part about going home when you can?

SD: Spending time with my family because it can be so limited during the season.

HC: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

SD: People on their phones when you’re talking and they aren’t even listening to you at all.

HC: What does your typical day look like?

SD: I wake up for football meetings, head to class, then workout some days.  There are several meetings every day, then practice, and finding motivation to do some homework.  Then bed, and I do it all over again.

HC: How do you manage such a busy schedule?

SD: Pre-planning … setting an agenda and sticking to it.  I had a hard time learning that in the beginning but now I am getting better at it.

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