Steph Robinson: URBN grl Babe

Steph Robinson is a senior Sociology major with minors in Communication and Entrepreneurship. She is also a Sales Associate and Marketing Coordinator for URBN grl, a boutique in downtown Winston Salem. After graduation, Steph hopes to pursue a career in marketing or brand management. 

Her Campus: Tell me a little bit about URBN grl.

Steph Robinson: URBN grl is a boutique full of distinctive handmade, local, and small business products. We sell various items from sunglasses and jewelry to cards and decor. We also have men’s items!

HC: When did you start working for URBN grl?

SR: July 2018. I was just a Sales Associate, but I assisted my boss, Katie Shaver, with creating social content and planning store events. In June 2019, I was promoted to Marketing Coordinator while maintaining my position as a Sales Associate. My new position entails generating all social media content across various platforms, creating store and window displays, and planning store events, programs, and partnerships. 

HC: Could you tell me more about your events, programs, and partnerships?

SR: We host events around every major holiday to network with our community, engage customers, and drive sales. We also do brand collaborations with other small businesses in the Winston Salem area. I recently launched a brand ambassador program that utilizes micro-influencer marketing to reach new target demographics. We are currently focusing on the Wake Forest community if anyone is interested in getting involved (contact information at the end of the article).

HC: What’s your favorite part about working at URBN grl?

SR: I love working at URBN grl because my boss is amazing; she’s very understanding considering my hectic, college lifestyle. She’s given me the opportunity to grow professionally, work independently on projects, and exercise my personal creativity.

HC: What goals do you have for your career with URBN grl?

SR: My main goal in this position is to further engage with our followers and grow our following. I also want to continue developing my creative skills and ability to generate customer-focused content. 

HC: How is this position helping you work towards your larger career goals?

SR: After graduation, I want to go into marketing for a lifestyle brand or agency. By the time I graduate, I will have worked here for almost two years; everything I’m learning here directly applies to the career I hope to have.

HC: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

SR: We’re located at 908 Burke Street if you’d like to stop by! If anyone is interested in the ambassador program, please email [email protected] for more information.