Spring Break Survival Kit: Caribbean Edition

Spring break is quickly approaching, my midterm motivation is rapidly draining, and my mind is constantly dreaming of sunshine and beaches. With the cold and cloudy weather of February, it’s hard to imagine that in just a few short days, I will be in an exotic destination with my friends. Since I am going out of the country for the week, I’ve been researching travel tips online. Below is a list of must-bring items to pack to ensure a safe, healthy, and fun vacation!


Passport and travel documents

The first thing you should pack is your passport and other important travel documents, including hotel confirmation records, reservations, itinerary, and more. It’s very important to do your research before leaving the country and ensure that you have a plan for rides, activities, and meals. 



Not many people think of bringing medicine, but with a parent who’s a doctor, this is one of my main priorities. The water, food, and environment in the Caribbean are different than in the U.S., so ensuring that you have Tums, Advil, Zyrtec, and any other over-the-counter medicine is crucial.



You might say you are someone who “never” burns, but the sun in the Caribbean is much stronger than the sun we feel because it is closer to the Equator. It is imperative to bring (and wear) sunscreen on vacation to prevent uncomfortable sunburn. 


Extra cash

Sometimes using a credit or debit card outside of the country does not work because the card company declines the payments. Though, in theory, this is a policy to protect you from fraud, it can be extremely annoying. Either let your credit card company know you will be traveling internationally, or bring extra cash so that you are not stranded at dinner with no form of payment.


Download Duolingo

Though this one isn’t necessary, it’s sometimes beneficial to know a few words in the native language of the place you are visiting. Duolingo is an app you can download on your phone and keep handy in case you need a translation. It’s easy to use and very helpful!


Headphones, books, magazines

These are necessary on any vacation, but especially beach vacations. Bring your favorite book, magazine, or music to entertain yourself on the beach. 


And, of course, beachwear…

Obviously, a tropical place calls for tropical wear— specifically beachwear. This includes bathing suits, flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, and more.