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SPOON with Our Favorite Foodie: Georgi Carbone-Wynne

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

Imagine Her Campus, but with content centered exclusively on food. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, you’re in luck, collegiettes, because such an organization does exist, and it’s called Spoon University. Brought to campus last March, Spoon is an online food resource with chapters at over 100 college campuses nationwide. For this week’s Campus Celebrity, Her Campus was lucky enough to sit down with Georgi Carbone-Wynne, a writer for Spoon University and overall food enthusiast. Meet our favorite foodie and read all about your favorite topic, FOOD, in this week’s Campus Celeb!

HC (Her Campus): Tell me more about Spoon!

GCW (Georgi Carbone-Wynne): Spoon is like Her Campus but for food. We have weekly meetings where we pitch ideas – they can either be national or local. For example, they can be something hyper specific to your local, such as places to eat in your area, and stuff like that. This year we’re starting to do events because we’re an official chapter now. We actually had a Chopped Challenge in the Pit recently – it’s like the show Chopped, and people were doing it in the Pit with secret ingredients. Also, you know how Swizzler was on campus? We did that – we got them back, because our chapter President interned for them.


HC: I heard you recently did a really cool experiment for one of your articles. What was that like?

GCW: I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was very cool. It hurt my body. I ate McDonald’s breakfast for all three meals for three days in a row, and I wanted to die. Obviously I didn’t. But still, I don’t recommend it. Don’t follow in my footsteps, kids…if you’re listening.


HC: It’s so cool that there’s just one publication devoted just to food.

GCW: Yeah, I think it’s really interesting just how much people care about food. And I think that’s super important – people really care about what they’re putting into their bodies. We [publish articles] about what foods are good for you and what foods are bad for you, and what it really means to have certain labels on your food. And then, other times, you eat McDonald’s for three days straight for all three meals… So Spoon is a good balance – it really gives you a wide range of things to write about. Anything you’re really interested in – you can do. People just love hearing about food all the time.


HC: What sections can people write for in Spoon?

GCW: You can make recipes; you can make videos; you can do articles on body image; you can write restaurant reviews. For example, I’m working on an article about where to eat in Charleston. And there are also the just-for-fun things, like the article I wrote about Nicki Minaj and getting cereal at the Pit. Spoon articles are like Buzzfeed articles – they capture your attention, but at the end of the day, you end up learning something if you browse for long enough.

Aside from writing for Spoon (and Her Campus!), Georgi is also on the equestrian team here at Wake!


HC: When did you first discover your passion for food?

GCW: I think it was when I visited my brother and his husband in Seattle. I realized that’s what they do – they center their day on what they’re going to eat, and they always go to the best restaurants. I was like, “Man, I want to live this lifestyle.” Food just always brings people together – it’s such a common ground. And it’s always a new experience, especially living in the city – there’s always something new that you can try.


HC: So can you cook?

GCW: Well, I mean, I got my crockpot… I try, but I’m not as good as my mom or my brother.


HC: Describe the best meal you’ve ever had.

GCW: It would probably be my Mom’s lasagna – something regular like that, because nobody makes lasagna like she does.


HC: So if you were on death row, would your last meal be your mom’s lasagna?

GCW: Oh no, I’ve totally thought about this – I think about this question often, and it’s not going to be a sophisticated answer in any way. If I was on death row, my last meal would be a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, extra crispy, with a side of mash potatoes and gravy, obviously – spork to eat it with – and also a pack of Oreos and a gallon of whole milk. That would be my last meal.


HC: Double stuffed Oreos?

GCW: Yeah, absolutely. And if it was in season, they would be Halloween Oreos.

Georgi recently celebrated her 21st birthday with this lovely cake from…Hagrid!? (Just kidding! Props to Adam Rosenzweig for his mad baking skills!) Fun fact: When asked what Hogwarts house she would be in, Georgi promptly replied, “Slytherin!” 


HC: So if you were a food, what would you be?

GCW: I’d be an oyster. Salty. (Laughs). No, I’d be Baked Brie. You know, a party cheese – warm on the inside, goes well with crackers.


HC: Do you have a least favorite food?

GCW: Not really. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a food that I just don’t like.


HC: You even like cabbage and asparagus?

GCW: I love cabbage and asparagus. I love Brussel sprouts too. If sardines are cooked well, they’re also very good. There’s really nothing I’ll say no to.

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