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Sarah Schwartz on Being Home for Winter Break

Sarah Schwartz is a freshman at Wake Forest University from Long Island, New York. She is considering majoring in Biology to potentially become a physician’s assistant. She’s going to discuss her experiences coming home for the semester and working from home. 

Her Campus: How did you get back to Long Island when the in-person portion of the semester ended and how has it been being back so far?

Sarah Schwartz: I used the Wake Forest transportation to get to the Greensboro airport. I then took a connecting flight to Atlanta, GA, and then to LaGuardia, NY, and my parents picked me up from there, which is about 40 minutes from my house. It’s been really nice to be home. I had a whole family dinner the night I came home which was great because I hadn’t seen them in 3 months. Because Wake Forest offered us free testing before we left, I was able to safely reunite with them upon arrival!

HC: Are you happy or sad that we don’t come back to Wake after Thanksgiving like we would on a normal year without Covid?

SS: Yeah I’m happy to be home because I missed my family, friends, and pets; however, I’m sad we’re not going back for so long because I miss my friends at Wake. This is especially tough because they mostly all live farther away from me, so I won’t see them for a while. Covid has made everything so weird this year, this is just another one of those things.

HC: Have you felt more or less motivated to do your schoolwork while being at home? And do you feel like you have more or less time to do this work while at home?

SS: I have a ton less motivation to do my work because I'm not with my friends who I normally study with every day at school. I do feel like I have much more time to do the work because I’m not doing as many things, but I don’t spend my time as wisely because I get distracted being at home. 

HC: Is it going to be more difficult taking finals online this semester because we are at home for them? 

SS: Basically, I’m terrified for finals because it will be the first time taking college finals, but I’m now used to taking classes and tests online because I already had to during the semester at Wake. So that aspect of it shouldn’t be too different or foreign to me. I also feel like the teachers are very understanding about all of our situations and have been from the start of the semester!