A Real Life Superhero Dies

Marvel’s Stan Lee has died at age 95 but his legacy will live on forever.  Stan Lee, along with making cameos in every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, was a comic book writer and created many of the legendary superheroes that we look up to and love such as, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Avengers.  

To honor this man’s incredible legacy and influence over today’s idea of what a hero is I thought I would compile some of his cameos and include what his heroes have taught me.  


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While this cameo is from the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies, and while those were definitely not the best and Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker is the best in my opinion this cameo is iconic.  

Spider-Man teaches the iconic line of “With great power comes great responsibility” which is completely true.  The story of Spider-Man in Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s versions also show how you should never leave an argument unresolved and should always try to repair familial relationships because life is short and you never know when someone could be taken from you too soon.  Tom Holland’s Spider-Man shows that sometimes teenagers are given terrible circumstances that they have to live with and rather than being treated like a kid they can rise to the occasion, but they also need to know when they should ask for help.



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This cameo is from Captain America Civil War, my personal favorite Marvel movie and one of my favorite movies of all time.

This movie teaches that even the best of friends can fight, however, they should always remember at the end of the day that they will fight for each other rather than fight against each other.  Relationships are hard and it is hard to place trust in other people, but if you do, it can be rewarding as you can become a team against the world.



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This one is from the first Avengers, the first time that we see different superheros coming together to defeat a common enemy.

This movie shows the power of teamwork and how sometimes people need to know that it is okay to need help and to ask for it.  It also shows the power of love and friendship and the lengths that people will go to save the ones they care about. This movie also shows the lengths that these heroes go to to save the world and the ways in which they are willing to be shields for the people in the world.



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This cameo is from Thor Ragnorak, a movie that has the perfect balance of humor and darkness, violence and love.  

Thor and his brother Loki teach us a lot over their journey in the MCU.  They teach us what the meaning of family is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be by blood but by love.  Love is stronger than blood. Loki while seemingly evil, genuinely cares for his brother and the two brothers would seemingly do anything for each other, despite their constant arguing.  This shows that family is far from perfect but it is the love between the people that truly matters.



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This cameo is from Avengers Infinity War.  If you have seen this movie than those three words caused you to have slight pain in your chest from the PTSD of this movie.  

This movie is the biggest mashup of superheroes and shows that everyone with their individual strengths working together creates a force that is much harder to break down. However, this movie shows a lot about pain and sacrifice and the lengths in which people are willing to go to save their loved ones as well as save the rest of humanity.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned, sometimes painful things happen, but in the end you have to stop your tears and get up and fight another day. Because while evil might conquer sometimes, good always prevails!


I hope that this somewhat inspires you even if you have no interest in superheroes.  Superheroes also come in all shapes and forms, Stan Lee was a hero for many people and he created a universe in which the impossible is possible and that in itself is powerful and magical. No matter how hard life gets and even if it seems like it's kicking your butt, just remind yourself that you are the hero of your own story and the hero always wins.