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Premature Ceramics

He surged into this bedroom on a hurricane,

mainly on the carpet, but this room can’t

be his home, can’t hold his winds and sirens.


He shoots out empty photographs like tarot cards

on my worn-in table and asks me if I want                                                                            

to know if I can love a fuller mind than his.


He gives up a clay heart for me to destroy

into oblivion right by the flooded​ ​pool,

where he is slowly crying water from a clay face.


Underwater, empty pots will not sink

half-clay, half-tear, melting symmetry.

Solo statues that crack in the sunlight


Mckenzie Baker

Wake Forest '21

Mckenzie Baker is a 20 year old with roots in Memphis, TN and Atlanta, Ga. She enjoys writing about identity and time. She is currently a third year at Wake Forest University and her favorite smell is freshly cut grass.
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