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Nia Mcintosh (’18)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

As Hurricane Irma rolls through and turns summer into fall, there’s plenty to look forward to in the Forest, from Pumpkin Spice Lattes to that new extra day of Fall Break, and everything in between. While these are all exciting things for fall, the top item on our list is this year’s President’s Ball. For the inside scoop, we checked in with Wake Forest senior and Chair of Decorations for President’s Ball, Nia McIntosh. When she’s not in line for a smoothie at the Pit, watching Stranger Things on Netflix, or hiding from the cold winters of her hometown, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Nia keeps busy as a Politics and International Affairs major with minors in Biology and Anthropology. Holy Liberal Arts, am I right? And don’t forget her wide range of involvement of campus, including Student Union, where she was previously Director of Festivals and is currently Co-Director of Culture and Diversity, Can I Poet, American Enterprise Institute executive council, and the Political Science Honors Society.

Wait, what is President’s Ball? It only rolls around once every two years, so if you’re feeling confused, don’t worry about it. Take it from a pro: “President’s Ball is more than just a ball. It’s a whimsical night when alumni, graduate school students, and undergraduate students can come together with family, friends, and faculty to celebrate the one thing that brings us all together: Wake Forest,” said McIntosh.

So, how did Nia become involved in President’s Ball? Her experience in Student Union led her to hopes of being more involved in the planning of President’s Ball, and after applications and interviews she was named Chair of Decorations. From there, the ball got rolling pretty quickly. “We started planning last year; there are so many different details to take into consideration like the best places for buses to meet, what food to serve, how much food to serve, or what table centerpieces need to be made. You have to start planning at least a semester in advance; otherwise, it’s just too easy to miss something,” said McIntosh.

And finally, Friday, September 15th, is your chance to see all that hard work come together. Come for the food, the decorations, to make memories, and share in the Demon Deacon community.  Want to know what to watch for? The entrance of the President. The details are under wraps but it’s sure to be exciting. What’s Nia’s favorite part, you ask? The whole night, from start to finish, builds some of her favorite Wake Forest memories. “At my first President’s Ball, I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman, and found out that he attended Wake Forest when it was still located at the old campus, in Wake Forest, North Carolina,” said McIntosh.

Even though Nia will be taking the LSAT the morning after President’s Ball, she’s still looking forward to what is shaping up to be a fantastic night. “The best part, for me, is being in the moment and sharing in that feeling of community.”


Photos courtesy of: Nia Mcintosh

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