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My Journey to Clear Skin

(Yes, this is indeed another article about getting clear skin, but I promise it’s worth the read.)

Every time a Neutrogena or a proactive commercial came on, I would beg my mom to buy every product they could possibly sell, but she would always refuse, claiming that it will do more harm than good. From grade seven to ten all my friends were constantly breaking out, and I was not. I remember so many of my friends constantly crying and complaining about how much they hate their skin and how they never want to leave the house without makeup on. I, who had clear skin (minus the rosacea), always tried to console them with the classic line of “oh, you’re beautiful the way you are. You don’t need to wear makeup.”

Right before Junior year started my forehead literally looked like a pepperoni pizza. For some unknown reason to me, my forehead was just incredibly prone to acne. Once one pimple went away, another would pop up. I got myself into the routine of constantly wearing make-up, even when working out. My friends with perfectly clear skin (maybe this is karma?) started telling me the same thing I used to tell people: oh you do not need to make up etc. But all I could think to myself was “easy for you to say.” Up until the first semester of college, it was a constant battle with face masks, facials, many tears and constant treatments at my dermatologist. After years of trying to experimenting of what works for me and what does not, here are just some ways I was able to clear my skin.


Drink plenty of water.

I know this is a big DUH, but there is a reason why this one gets repeated in almost every skin article. Besides it being good for your health, it’ll help your skin.

Stop touching your face.

I can’t stress this enough, but legit stop touching your face. Do not pop that white head, black head or any other sort of a pimple on your face. It will just make it worse. If you are going to touch your face, make sure your hands are clean. This is especially important when eating chocolate. Many people believe that it is the chocolate that makes you break out but in reality, it is the oils you pick up from the chocolate that you transfer on your face when you touch it.

Vitamin A supplements.

If you have oily or combination skin, I highly recommend taking Vitamin A supplements. This is literally the reason I saw the MOST improvement. Within three weeks my backne completely cleared. It’s a natural and safe way to improve your skin, so the risks are minimal.

Red light therapy.

This therapy basically uses low-level wavelengths of light in order to help the skin. This is very beneficial for people with redness or scarring.

Adopt a consistent skin routine. 

My current skin routine is very simple but extremely effective. First off, stop overdoing it with all the face masks and face washes. You only need to exfoliate once a week and use an oil-free simple face wash every night before bed. I use a very hydrating moisturizer before bed three times a week. Otherwise, I just rinse my face with water. Most of the time, many people overwhelm their skin by constantly putting invasive products. Similarly to hair, if you keep exfoliating your face to get rid of any oils, it will in turn only produce more oil. If you’re extremely bothered by oil, I recommend getting oil blotting sheets.

There is no denying that pimples are ultimately out of our control. Sometimes you’re really stressed and your body copes with it by breaking out. Sometimes you might break out because your period is coming up, and that is OKAY! At the end of the day, what works for me may not necessarily work for you, but your skin will clear up.

Image source: http://blush.com.pk/dark-eye-circle-treatments-that-work/


Currently a freshman at Wake Forest University, and from Demarest, New Jersey. Has an unhealthy obsession with New Girl and spicy salmon avocado rolls.
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