Mountain Weekend Survival Guide

So, you got asked to Mountain Weekend. Awesome! Whether this is your first or fourth time going, it’s definitely something to look forward to. For those of you who have never, ever been before -- and have heard countless stories from your upperclassmen friends -- you get to finally experience what everyone has been talking about. But before you get overwhelmed with questions, read this guide below.

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What Should You Take? Don’t think that you’ll be bringing a lot of items.

  • Cooler
  • Solo cups and/or a Tervis
  • Water. Lots and lots of water. You’ll thank me when you’re enduring the ride back.
  • Food: all types of munchies. Don’t worry about getting too much, it will all get eaten.
  • Alcohol: bring double the amount you would think. 
  • Your clothing: 2 flannels, leggings, vest, and boots.
  • Swimsuit...there will be a couple of hot tubs.
  • Pillow/Blanket.
  • Basic toiletries, like a hairbrush and toothbrush. My advice is to take a shower before you leave for the trip, because it’s unlikely you will make it to the shower at the house.

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  • Arrive: people arrive as early as Thursday and as late as midnight.
  • Start the party.


  • Wake up to the lovely sound of speakers blasting music at 8 A.M.
  • Check the mirror and hope you don’t look like a character off of The Walking Dead.
  • Probably would be best to eat something at this point.
  • Hang out outside and meet new people.
  • Find an empty room to nap in.
  • Once the evening rolls around, head to the main house.
  • Drink and dance on tables until someone breaks something!


  • Wake up and watch the pledges frantically clean.
  • Pack everything up and sleep on the way home.
  • Thank your date for a fun time and sleep away your Sunday!

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  • Try to finish all of your homework before you leave. 
  • You have NO obligation to hook up with your date. 
  • If you’re an underclassmen, try to get there early. It’s first come, first serve with the limited futons and couches.
  • You’ll hear the same song being played over and over again, and then will probably hate it for all eternity. This happened to me with “Timber” last year.