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Melodic Mumblings: Recap and Must-See Moments from the Grammys

With so many exciting things already happening this semester, it’s difficult to find the time to look back on the year of 2013. However, this award show season provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Recently, award shows such as the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards have allowed us to see which movies and television shows “wowed” the critics and viewers. These shows are nice precursors to the Oscar’s; but, as an avid award show viewer, an event that showcased the musical talent of 2013 was way past due. Finally, this past Sunday, the Grammys offered just that opportunity. And, for those who may have missed it due to an avalanche of homework (#WorkForest) or if you are simply living under a rock, I’m here to give you the full recap.

For all those up-and-coming rappers out there, this Grammy show gave you all a little hope. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore swept the rap categories, winning four titles, and overcoming stiff competition such as Jay-Z and Kayne West. Daft Punk also hit the jackpot scoring three titles after being together for nearly two decades. Lorde, who won song of the year and best pop solo performance for her hit “Royals,” seemed a little dumbfounded when she won her titles; but hey, the girl is seventeen. 

One of my personal favorite bands, The Civil Wars, won for best country duo. If you’ve never listened to these guys I would recommend checking them out, immediately. Imagine Dragons won best rock song for “Radioactive,” but c’mon, there was little surprise there. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake also walked away with some Grammys of their own. For the first time, JT won Best R&B, and he and Jay-Z were both awarded Best Rap/Song Coordination. For those country fans, Kasey Musgraves, a newer country artist, won both Best Country Song and Best Country Album (sorry T-Swift).

In a rare Grammy showcasing, newer artists won more awards than old veterans. The music scene seems to be open to celebrating old royalty, like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Metallica, while appreciating the new.

Despite all of the excitement mentioned above, I have compiled the 6 must-know and see moments from the Grammys – which you should totally check out on YouTube later this week! 

1.     Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were not only there, but performed together. Hello. Amazing

2.     Daft Punk, Pharell Wiliams and Stevie Wonder get funky with “Get Lucky.”

3.     HOLD UP. Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons need to be a new band.

4.     That moment when everyone realized Jay-Z and Beyonce is indeed the ultimate power couple.

5.     Audience members participated in a mass wedding during the Macklemore and Lewis song, “Same Love.”

6.     The amount of times Taylor Swift flipped her hair. Or danced by herself.


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