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Matt James (’14)

Name: Matthew (Matt) James (’14)
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Potential Major: Economics
Relationship status: Single
Birthday: December 5, 1991

Her Campus (HC): How long have you been playing football?
Matt James (MJ): Since the third grade.
HC: How did you know you wanted to play football at Wake?
MJ: I guess from the recruiting process – I wanted to go to an ACC school that was close to home, and Wake was the best fit.
HC: Were you eyeing Wake before then?
MJ: It was completely random. I didn’t think I would ever go to Wake Forest. Growing up, I wanted to play basketball somewhere in college.
HC: So you played basketball in high school?
MJ: Yeah, I played AAU basketball with John Wall, CJ Leslie and other big names like that.
HC: Did you play any other sports?
MJ: I ran track and cross country.

HC: What activities, besides football, do you do on campus?
MJ: I play videogames and watch Netflix. And hang out with friends
HC: Do you have any secret talents?
MJ: I used to be really good at skateboarding. I stopped ‘cause I got too old. I actually sing pretty well too.
HC: Did you ever do choir when you were little?
MJ: Absolutely not! I sang in the shower, that’s about it.
HC: What were you like in high school? Did you fit into a stereotype?
MJ: I was kind of a nerd in high school.
HC: Really?
MJ: Yeah. (Laughs) I hung out with the kids who loved video games and would sword fight at lunch.

HC: Do you have any nicknames?
MJ: Depending on who you’re talking to … my mom calls me “Matty.” My friends call me “Matty Ice.”
HC: What is your worst habit?
MJ: Forgetting people’s names.
HC: When was your first kiss?
MJ: First kiss was, um, in sixth grade.
HC: Want to spill any details about that?
MJ: It was a full-blown makeout playing spin the bottle. Everyone played that!
HC: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done to get a girl’s attention?
MJ: Probably like changing my course of going to class. I may have a class right next door, and I’ll walk around the whole school just to see her or get her attention.
HC: Have you ever seen any chick flicks to impress a girl?
MJ: Of course!
HC: Which ones?
MJ:The Notebook, Bridesmaids, Dear John
HC: I love Dear John. Did you like any of them?
MJ: Bridesmaidswas funny. I kind of suffered through the rest of them though.
HC: What do you look for in a woman?
MJ: Someone who can put up with me and someone who’s not stuck up. And they have to have pretty eyes.
HC: Who is your dream girl?
MJ: Julie Henderson … or Mila Kunis.

HC: What is your biggest pet peeve?
MJ: It’s hard to explain. It’s like when, if someone was eating a bagel and there’s crumbs left and they pick it up with their thumb and eat it; and when people drink the last bit out of their cereal bowl; and when people cough … I’m sort of a germaphobe.
HC: The person whose opinion matters the most to me is?
MJ: Probably my mom.
HC: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
MJ: “The sky’s the limit.”
HC: What is your dream job?
MJ: I would love to play in the NFL, but if that doesn’t work I want to be an investment banker.
HC: What’s your favorite NFL team?
MJ: That’s a good question. I’m gonna go with the Packers.
HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
MJ: In 10 years I’ll be 30, so I’ll be married with a little boy and then one on the way. I’m gonna be that dad that like goes on field trips and can beat his kid in all of the videogames but still be making good money.

*Photography by Karleigh Ash 

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