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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

By: Jaclyn Eberting

It was a silent and hazy night as I stepped into Wait Chapel Sunday evening. Many people gathered to celebrate love, family, and hope. Lovefeast is a marked moment in history that has almost faded away. However, Wake Forest celebrates this tradition to share, and love, as a united community.

Each and every row at Wait Chapel was filled as people came together to share experiences and stories. The front of the chapel was decorated with lighted Christmas trees, red bows, and poinsettias. We were all given a red program describing the service, as well as homemade beeswax candles. I knew even before the service began that the next hour was going to be something special.

From the lighting of the advent calendar to prayers and readings, we began to sing hymns as bread and coffee were served for the Lovefeast. Among the popular songs were, “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” “The First Nowell,” and “Silent Night.” The songs sung showed regardless of our experiences, we can come together as a community.

A blessing was given to mark the partaking of the Lovefeast which designated this was the time people could interact with those around them. After the meal, the lighting of the candles started. The light was passed from the advent candle and the whole room was filled with thousands of candle lights; it was a beautiful sight to see. We sang “Joy to the World” as we held our candles and the closing message was “to go at peace and be at peace.”

This weekend was the start of the final week of classes and the stress that comes with cramming for papers and tests. Suffice it to say, this service was well needed. I walked away from the service being at peace, knowing that regardless of what happens, I am in a community that supports, respects, and loves me.

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Haley Callicott

Wake Forest '19

Haley is a current senior at Wake Forest University majoring in business and minoring in writing. She is the Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent for HC Wake Forest, a member of Kappa Beta Gamma and an undergraduate advisor for the Student Advisory Board.