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London Calling: Get the London Look

Two weeks in, and I have loved every second of it. I am currently living in the heart of everything, in east central London. So far, I have had almost no problems, except for the main form of travel in this intricate city, the tube system.

This underground subway is unlike any public transportation I have taken before. Everyone moves ten times faster than a “normal pace”, and it is constantly packed. Being the slow moving walker that I am, it definitely feels as though I am running through the station.

Once, as I was waiting for the tube, I missed my train twice just because I was too scared to jump on with the amount of people getting on the train. Finally, when I did make it on, as I was stepping onto the tube I completely tripped, nearly face-planting.

Now I really understand the meaning of “mind the gap.”

As I continue with the London Blog, let me know what you guys want to read about! I have plenty of stories and time to share!



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