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Liz Stalfort: Voices of Survivors

Senior Liz Stalfort, this week’s Her Campus Campus Celebrity, is undertaking a campaign to raise awareness about sexual violence and its impact on Wake Forest students and faculty members.

For her campaign, Liz asks students and faculty members to write brief, anonymous statements about sexual violence and the impact it has had on them as individuals. Participants can also choose to answer the question: "If you were to experience sexual violence at Wake Forest, would you report it to campus police? Why or why not?"

Liz stresses the importance of not putting a narrow definition on what constitutes sexual violence. Emotional violence, stalking, harassment, and a number of other aspects can be put into that category, but are not always done so.   

“I would like Wake Forest students and faculty to be able to recognize what rape is and how it looks on a college campus, so that we can better support those who are survivors and prevent this from happening,” Liz said.

“I hope this project will reduce the stigma and shame that survivors often feel after they have survived such violence. I hope that they are able to realize that they are not alone and that they will eventually feel comfortable either confiding in friends, family, or campus police, if they decide that is best for them,” Liz said.

In addition to her involvement with sexual violence awareness, Liz has studied abroad three times, has volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem, is an advocate for abused and neglected children in court and has done research in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

We are impressed by Liz’s ambition and efforts to create a new wave of awareness here at Wake Forest. We anticipate profound impacts from such a daring project, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

If sharing your experience with sexual violence is part of your healing journey, here are the steps to get involved in Liz’s project:

  1. Share your story anonymously: This can be your story, your friend’s, family member’s, etc. If it isn’t your story, please make the majority of the statement about how that experience has impacted you, so that you are not telling a survivor’s story.
  2. Take a picture of a sign: The sign will be a way to share something about the experience that has impacted you. You do not have to include your face if you want to be anonymous.
  3. Answer the question: "If you experienced sexual violence at Wake Forest, would you report it to Campus Police? Why or why not?"  If you are comfortable, please include your gender and race.
  4. The deadline to submit is November 25th and Liz will post the anonymous responses to blog that will be shared with all of Wake Forest. These responses can be emailed to staleb11@wfu.edu or placed in Liz's Campus Box 9394.
  5. If you want it to be completely anonymous, please drop off your story, your sign, and/or your statement about campus police and Liz will type it up.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS WHO MAY BE VICTIMS OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT*Assistance can be obtained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the Safe Office, 336.758.5285. The Safe Office is completely confidential. For additional information about seeking medical assistance and emotional support, as well as important contact information, see PREPARE's Get Help.

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm from a small town in Kansas, and am currently a freshman at the wonderful Wake Forest University.
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