Lights! Camera! PR!—The Directors Behind Wake’s New PR Club


*Article by Isabella Basco

While Public Relations tends to be a job that is more behind-the-scenes, Lauren Sarno and Elizabeth Law are two seniors who are directing the spotlight on the PR industry for Wake Forest students.

From personal experience, Sarno felt that liberal arts majors needed an outlet for resources in order to pursue a career in public relations.  After joining forces with Law, the two decided to start a Public Relations Club.

“Wake does not have a lot of classes dedicated solely to Public Relations,” said Law. “This is a great opportunity for students to have knowledge about the field. I wish I had this as a freshman.”

                                                                                   Elizabeth Law (left) and Lauren Sarno (right) 

The organization has already had success. The PR Club recently hosted a PR Week in conjunction with the Marketing Club, which consisted of several free informational sessions conducted by people who currently work in the field. Some examples speakers included a Communications officer at Hanesbrands to an expert in crisis management (think Olivia Pope from Scandal)!

The club’s immediate success can be attributed to the expertise and guidance of Sarno, who has vast experience in the field.  Sarno has had four PR internships over the course of her college career, including working as an intern for a PR agency in London and serving as a PR intern for Wake’s Law School.  It’s obvious that interning is a way of life for Sarno (is she related to the Intern Queen?).

Sarno says her outgoing and vibrant personality are key factors that drew her to the industry. “I’m a people person. I love writing and I have a passion for the media and everything that has to due with PR,” Sarno said.

If any Her Campus readers are aspiring PR mavens, Sarno and Law suggest honing on those skills now to gain an advantage in the working world.

“You can go into PR with any major,” Sarno said. “But the main things you need to have are strengths in writing and public speaking.”

Once the club is chartered, Sarno and Law are encouraging any juniors who have been abroad or freshmen (those who are still finding their niche) to consider joining their organization. It is anticipated that the club will be officially chartered by the end of the semester.  Either of them can be emailed at [email protected] or [email protected].

“As a future alumni, I hope I can help the organization to grow and develop,” Sarno said.

“But we would also want to have Lauren as a guest speaker,” Law responded laughing. “That would be cool!”