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A Letter to the Remaining One Direction Fans

Three years ago, Zayn Malik left the infamous band One Direction, and a year later the band officially broke up. It’s been two full years and I’m still blasting the “Up All Night” album on full blast when my roommate isn’t in the room. People genuinely don’t understand the hardships of being a die-hard fan for a teenage band that does not exist anymore.

I only began to truly struggle when all my friends got their licenses. I often would get the question, “Want aux?” Of course I want  the aux, but that is a HUGE responsibility and a test to see how good my taste in music is. When I see the shuffle button I instantly feel cold sweat building up on the side of my face. What if “Kiss You” comes on? Or even worse; the song that brings me to tears every time, “More Than This,” comes on. My go-to response is always, “Oh….forgot to take that off. LOL?” but internally I’m praying they ask to keep it on.

Keeping up this lie of not listening to them and just leaving that behind in my middle school years is genuinely a lot of work, and I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I need to get this off my chest. I’m currently 18-years-old and I don’t think it’s quite attractive to tell a crush you’re not over Harry Styles and you’re still emotionally scarred from that breakup and that’s why you’re afraid of commitment. I don’t get it. People still listen to Justin Bieber, but the second I say, “I love One Direction,” I get judgmental looks. That’s right. One Direction is, and always will be, better than Justin Bieber. Don’t @ me.

One direction matured with their music and emotions, as did I. They got me through my first break up with my 7th grade boyfriend. That was ROUGH. Want to know what was even rougher? Having to see Louis go through multiple girlfriends only to get back together with his OG girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. I waited five years for them to get back together. FIVE. Now the other half of the group, two out of five, are fathers. THEY HAVE CHILDREN. And what do I have? A not so nice grade in International Politics.

In order for me to continue listening to all of One Direction, I have to keep up with all five of their music careers. Do you even understand how hard that is? I mean I want to listen to Louis’s song “Back to You” on repeat, but I also want to bump to “Slow Hands” by Niall. Don’t even get me started on Harry’s album. So on behalf of humanity, I decided to write a letter to them.

Dear One Direction, 

Zayn has a problem with grammar and does improper capitalization with his song titles. Do us all a favor and get back together. Then we can hear all of your voices at the same time and Zayn can write properly again. Thanks!


Yours Truly

Currently a freshman at Wake Forest University, and from Demarest, New Jersey. Has an unhealthy obsession with New Girl and spicy salmon avocado rolls.
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