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Ladies, Behold — The Art of the Darty

It’s Saturday, it’s sunny out, and you have nothing to do. Or, you’ve been waiting for this afternoon all week. Either way, when good weather rolls around, we here at Wake Forest know that means something very important to our campus culture: darty season.
What, you say, is a “darty” exactly? Why, my fellow collegiette™, it is a clever portmanteau combining the words “day” and “party.” That should give you a pretty good idea of what the darty is. Darties typically take place in the backyards of frat houses, and generally come equipped with kegs, punch, slip-n-slides, loud music, man tanks (or “manks” for those of us who like abbrevs), crowds of people and, if you’re not careful, the occasional sunburn. While it sounds like a recipe for a great time, which it no doubt is the majority of the time, sometimes it can be a recipe for disaster. So, how do you make sure to keep it classy even while participating in a party scene right out of Greek?

First thing’s first:EAT BREAKFAST. Or lunch. Or both, depending on when you wake up and when you get to the darty. Either way, please, for your sake and for everyone else’s, eat beforehand. There’s nothing worse than remembering mid-darty that you forgot to eat and realizing that you either are a) going to puke (which is definitely NOT classy), or b) going to get way too drunk and probably do something slightly embarrassing (also not classy). Combined with the heat of the sun and the numerous drinking games going on, you’re more likely to overdrink at darties if you’re not careful.
Along the same line of thought…keep hydrated. Bring a bottle of water (actually filled with water) with you, or just drink beer – either way, you’re less likely to completely dehydrate yourself and get sick. You don’t want to spend that night wishing you’d stayed in your room and done homework instead.

These girls are masters at the art of dartying (and slip-n-slide).
Now, other than keeping safe from dehydration and overdrinking, you want to make sure you have as much fun as possible. Go with a group of friends, challenge some brothers to a game of beer pong or flip cup, go down the slip-n-slide, jam to the music. If all that is too much, take a break and chill in the sun. Everyone has different expectations from a darty – decide what you want out of the day, and make it happen. There’s no right or wrong here, as long as you have fun and are happy by the end of the day.
Can you still go out that night?Absolutely! There is no reason why a darty should prevent you from having fun that night too, if there’s anything going on. Just make sure you nap before going out again, otherwise you may not be up for peak-rally-performance!
While day partying is not for everyone, learning how to master it can take a few trials and errors. Just follow these tips and you’ll be a pro in no time. Happy dartying everyone!

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